ADA on cue?

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ADA on cue?

Postby chandlerbing » 15 Nov 2013 22:14

ive read about the ADA technique,i was confused at first,"everything?"i couldn't understand how it was done,were you supposed to be aware of everything at the same time?or one thing,then another thing,then another?do you question reality as you do it or just focus on awareness?i understand more now,but I thought about reality check cues,i have a vibration alarm watch which helps me reality check in my dreams,the idea of ADA is for awareness to become like second nature,but as your learning,because its yet to become second nature,as for the time you take out to practice it,what if you made this effort to be aware on then you could set your alarm(obviously a little bleep or vibration for a couple of seconds,not a wake up alarm)set it for when your asleep maybe?or at the same time as a reality check cue,so then that would further increase the chances of your not just hoping to dream about doing this,your doing ADA on cue in your sleep.what do you guys think :idea:
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Re: ADA technique variation?

Postby Goldkoron » 15 Nov 2013 22:43

I do not think I ever understood this technique either. I am almost constantly aware of every part of my body, because of my ADHD and other mental disorders. I do not think it has helped my ability to lucid dream.
Do a reality check

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