Hello Everyone!

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Hello Everyone!

Postby TheAstralMan » 18 Nov 2013 19:15

Hey I'm new to the website, but not to the knowledge of LDing or anything. I have had really good dream recall ever since I was a kid, but I've only had a handful of lucid dreams in my life. I've tried to induce WILDs/Astral Project before but have never succeeded. Anything worth it isn't easy anyway, so I'm not discouraged.

I hope to learn a lot from you dreamers that will make me a better lucid dreamer :)

Also, I've been thinking about getting the lucid dreaming fast track. Does anyone have any experience with it? Is it a good product that will make me even better at dream recall, lucid dreaming, etc?

It's nice to join the community :D

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Re: Hello Everyone!

Postby Vonozar » 19 Nov 2013 04:50

Hello and welcome to the forum! :)

TheAstralMan wrote: Anything worth it isn't easy anyway, so I'm not discouraged.

Exactly. I'm glad you have that attitude towards it. You'll get there, don't worry. :)

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Re: Hello Everyone!

Postby NoriVolk » 08 Dec 2013 20:57


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