Challenge from a DC, and tale of Giant Worms

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Challenge from a DC, and tale of Giant Worms

Postby R99 » 28 Nov 2013 08:39

today early in the morning got another LD, and it was very clear like waking life, had lot of trouble to maintain clarity, and even woke up 1 or 2 time and again went in to dream directly. after exploring dreamscape i got the feeling the place is too deserted. there is nopeople to be found. the place looked like a junction with lots of roads connecting to it. an lots of empty stores. I tried to fly but nothing seems to happening, instead i started to hovering over the ground.not much height gained. it seemed gravity is too weak, and cannot gain speed.after that i again began to explore the dream realm.

And finally i met a woman, knowing that soon am going wake up, without any introduction i asked her to give me some challenge to test my ability. (i have no idea what was i thinking) she agreed, and after that she disappeared.

after that moment place started getting populated with people. But the problem is they r trying to runaway from something. after a second i got filled up with information that i needed. the current location is terrorized by giant worms. every single one is sized up like subway train. and its travel underground as well as on terrain. (maybe from the game i played "penumbra") and thats the reason y the place is so deserted.

people asked me 4 my help to get rid of them. after that moment i lost trace of people. i dont know how but they r all disappeared like the woman i just saw sometime ago. Then the horizon began to get dark, like soon there be a storm. ground began to shake and giant worms started appearing from ground. they started attacking me. they r so fast , its hard keep up with them..... after this i began to loose my clarity may be its bcoz of the excitement of fight. i managed to kill 3 worms by punching them in the face :lol: ( the appearance of the worms r little bit disgusting) the intensity of the movement caused by the fight made me awake from the dream. And there it goes the last LD i had is finished.
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Re: Challenge from a DC, and tale of Giant Worms

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Nov 2013 02:51

I like to idea to ask a DC to give a challenge!! That would be more then likely to bring some form of major excitement (whether good or bad) into a LD. I'll have to try that sometime to see what happens to me when I do that.
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