New Feeling, I'm Confused

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New Feeling, I'm Confused

Postby simayy » 28 Nov 2013 23:13

Hey there. I have been practising lucid dreaming for about 5 years now, but I'm still not great at it so I still feel new. I experience a lot of different things with each dream but this morning I experienced something that was really out of the ordinary for me, and I'm curious if anyone has any insight on this.
I had groggily woken up for a brief period and as I was relaxing and trying to fall back asleep I saw it as a good opportunity to have a lucid dream--it worked. I was asleep and fully lucid but my dream was completely dark. This was different for me because I usually become lucid mid-dream and so there is already a whole world created around me. So in the darkness I set out on deciding what I wanted to do. The first thing I thought of was my boyfriend, so I tried to imagine his face. But instead of seeing him materialize I felt a huge rush run through my whole body. It was sort of like an adrenalin rush combined with feeling like I had just been dunked into a warm bath,and I felt almost weightless afterwards. It was really amazing, and I've never experienced that before. Despite the positive experience I was unable to see my boyfriend. I focussed really hard, but I couldn't even recall what he looks like. I couldn't imagine his face. At this point, there was literally a wall made of metal in front of my face and I couldn't make it go away, and I couldn't move. I kept thinking, "I'm dreaming, I'm in control" and continued to try to imagine him, but to no avail. Eventually I think I just gave up and then I fell asleep.

So I guess my question is, has anyone experienced that rush before? If so, where does it come from? Could it have something do with the fact that I tried to imagine a person I care about?

Thanks! :D

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Re: New Feeling, I'm Confused

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Nov 2013 09:37

Due to my psychic training, Im experienced with such "rushes".

I think what may of happened is that thou you werent aware of it, you were actually in a different state to what you are used too (the altered states we use for various things can be close) and when you thought of your boyfriend, you actually unintentionally, psychically linked in with him and connected to his energy. This in turn caused an psychic energy rush for you as it boosted your own energy and field. This something one can actually get high on.

warning- Take care when that happens as to go pulling energy from him as you could actually make him sick and there is such thing as energy addiction which causes some psychics to become energy vampires.

Purposely drawing on this without knowing what you are doing (its easy to start drawing on it as its so nice), also can be dangerous for you too (it can cause tachycardia and possibly other heart issue) so if it happens accidently again, the connection is fine but never try to draw the energy from the other to you as you shouldnt play around with this without an energy/psychic teacher. You could harm the other too. This kind of connection with energy drawing should only come from non living things. (maybe you didnt subconciously draw it, the connection itself may of been enough to cause you to feel what you did)

At this point, there was literally a wall made of metal in front of my face and I couldn't make it go away,

This wall could of been there for your and his own good.. spiritual protection for him and to stop you getting into trouble too. One gets these walls when connect to anothers mind.

Anyway, I dont think you were in a dream state but had gone into altered consciousness state with all this. If you were ready for it and that wall was down, you may of even ended up having a spontanous mind link experience with him (mind reading and telepathy can become possible in such states). You may find you can actually experience the others persons body throu the energy link eg feel their heart beating, feel them moving, empathic feeling of their emotions or other things... eg see out from their eyes. Linking energetically consciously to another opens a lot of different doors to what can be done one can say and being able to connect comes with a lot of responsibility.

Despite the positive experience I was unable to see my boyfriend.

nods you may not be able to see him but you may be able to like "become him" throu the energy merge.
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Re: New Feeling, I'm Confused

Postby simayy » 01 Dec 2013 11:45


Thank you for your insight! I had never considered the possibility of it being anything other than a lucid dream. Now that you have pointed out the idea of a psychic connection, I will certainly look into it. How interesting :)

Thanks again!

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