Lucid--and precognitive--dreams for years

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Lucid--and precognitive--dreams for years

Postby Lakewolf » 28 Nov 2013 23:46

I first learned how to turn a dream to a lucid event when I would get really sick, running a temp. of 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. This happened about five times a year from age 3 to age 10.

I was stillborn, but, due to my mother's screams, the doctor attempted to revive me.

My mother said all the staff were dumbfounded. She gave birth to me 2 1/2 months early (this was 1958). I spent the next 5 months in an incubator.

I believe the events of my birth have something to do with my ease of learning to turn a dream to my advantage.

I also have the "gift" (if that's what you want to call it) of being informed by a "voice" in the dream of events that would happen both to myself and my friends, and the world in general.

I recall this one as vividly as if I'd just awakened from it.

I grew to love NYC around age 13. It was July 1972—a mild, sunny day. I dreamed I was flying in a helicopter when I heard the voice.

It said to wake up and recall verbatim what it was about to tell me. I did so, and recall it even today.

" Notice those towers. They are destined to fall, but the explanation, true method of their demolition, and the persons involved will be a lie. This destruction will lead to a war with a completely innocent nation. Mark these words well, for this event heralds the Countdown."

I've been telling people the Towers were going to fall since 1979.

It scared me to death. Can anyone tell me what the Countdown refers to? I think I know, but my interpretation terrifies me.

Since no one knows my street name or my address, I feel safe asking for help here.
This is not a joke or a prank. I'm deadly serious about this.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Lucid--and precognitive--dreams for years

Postby R99 » 29 Nov 2013 07:01

Y dont u post this topic to thread called "Paranormal Activity" thats the thread u need to use for these kind of experiences. :idea:
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Re: Lucid--and precognitive--dreams for years

Postby Johnny Badazz » 08 Dec 2013 21:04


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