I am having precognitive dreams

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I am having precognitive dreams

Postby bringbackcrttv » 03 Dec 2013 04:32

Hi, My name is Chris. I have autism. I been having precognitive dreams since I was a kid. In one dream, I was shopping looking for a new tube TV at a big warehouse. A few minutes later, I have found several new tube TV's in this warehouse. These tube TV's are Analog and Standard Definition, curved screen and flat screen that looked futuristic. Then, I looked at the brands of these TV's and I could not read the brands of these TV's in my dream. Then I looked around for someone that works at this warehouse. Thirty seconds later, I have found someone that works at this warehouse. I asked her what year is this. She said, 2018, 2019 then I woke up. After I woke up. I was thinking, "will there be new tube TV's again around the year 2018, 2019." What does this dream mean.


Chris :mrgreen:

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Re: I am having precognitive dreams

Postby taniaaust1 » 03 Dec 2013 22:58

I wouldnt call this a precog dream as you dont actually know if its going to happen... unless with your previous dreams you are calling precogs (which are only precogs if they did occur) carried a certain "feeling" or knowng with them which you recognised with this one. (A dream of the future isnt necessarily a precog and often isnt so).

Sorry I cant think right now much of what the symbolism of your dream may mean, hopefully another can give you some ideas. It could thou with shopping for up to date TV could represent abundance in the future (not necessarily in those years but those years themselves could just be symbolising in the "future" eg within the coming month or whatever.

The symbolism of TV thou is probably important in other ways thou too and could shed more info about your dream.
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