pot in school

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pot in school

Postby dc.conn » 04 Dec 2013 02:43

in my dream I was prescribed medical marijuana to aid pain from my back surgery which happened in real life and I would eat a whole sandwich full of pot before school and when im high in my dreams everything is very clouded and and im very happily dazed. in the dream I would jump down the stairs and sometimes stumble but soon I was giving the pills to other students and soon I would go through the whole day just walking around and skipping classes than I switched from 2 pills in the morning to 1 and I was still high but functional. and I realized that ii began o go to classes and did particularly well in art class and was very creative I was now popular in school because I had pot. I had a friend that would help my get down the stairs without laughing so hard I couldn't walk and would also help me explain my artistic abilities in art class. one day I created this mural of the metal band slipknot with pieces of wood and didn't even remember doing it. I had a friend that I have known for years in the real world also named josh. since the beginning of the year I havnt seen him and I had become selfish and I passed him in the hall and we decided to stop giving it out and to save it for good times. though people still were my friends
if you could tell me what this may mean in my life in school in the real world THAT WOULD BE GREAT

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Re: pot in school

Postby RustyMinecart » 11 Dec 2013 00:03

Just because it was fun in a dream, don't try it in real life. Your life will be ruined before you can say knife.
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