Fuedal Japan

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Fuedal Japan

Postby elohim2099 » 07 Dec 2013 18:07

Well last night I only watch some of a young chow-fat movie so maybe that played a part in my dream. Only issue is I think he's chinese and I watched like 5 minutes of it before the wife told me to turn the tv to cartoons so my son can go to sleep.
My dream started after 7am when I turned off my alarm. I went back to sleep granted my tv was OFF. I began to dream that My clan and I was walking through a bamboo forest and my second in command was a beautiful Japanese woman. I'm black so in my dream was odd I was white with fuedal japan garb on. I went from being in the body to camera man mode to see who I was which resembled woody harelson. No kidding. Well as we moved on we saw a river and the small fortress where we needed to talk to their higher. As I cross all of a sudden I have a pet elephant the size of a dog. yes came out of no where and I had a rope connected to it to my hand and I was its watcher/protector. As we crossed the river a few of the people moved into their small fortress and it became a ghost town. to call them out this is the chant we gave. This chant stood out so much after I woke up I typed it in my smart phone. "Shenza shayu shaku shayu oya" maybe it was my mind just making gibberish. As I looked it up on google I get different meanings; Shaku is "grateful", shayu A large snake, Name of a person protected by the Ashvins, Sleeping, Resting, Oya (Alternative spellings: Oiá, Iansã, Iansan), is the Undergoddess of the Niger River. could not find what shenza could mean. My group and I chanted that like a battle cry many times. The people finally let us in to talk. after that the dream kind of got weird. the elephant understood English. There was an issue it kept pulling away from me. when I talked to it did it like me it gave me a growl, when i asked did it hate me gave an animal yes on top in the eyes it resembled human emotions (best of my description). After a few more minutes I woke up because inside the mini fortress I was in a fancy American high end kitchen all white with food. so then I woke up like huh? maybe its just my mind looking for something to feed off of, IDK. But again that war cry stood out. seem natural to me when rolling off my tongue. hopefully its the best spelling for how its sound. just oya sounded like d-"ay" instead of "a" in about, if you can understand my logic.

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