Most recent being chased/attacked/transformed dream

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Most recent being chased/attacked/transformed dream

Postby Wyldreamer » 07 Dec 2013 19:38

Most of my dreams it seems a part of me is sure this is a dream because this stuff doesn't happen in real life, but then It's like I forget it's a dream the longer it goes on.

There is a group of people; I think they may be family and close friends but they don’t resemble the ones I know in real life.

There is a man. Middle-aged, intelligent, rough around the edges but charming. He seems like a practical outdoorsy type of man. I feel he is someone I trusted, a friend of the family maybe.

The family is getting ready for a get-together or outing; I know we’re going to travel somewhere. We are living someplace cold, with snow on the ground, out in the country.

I find out the man has become a beast, like a werewolf. It seems he ‘cursed’ himself using these ancient claws or teeth, not sure which’ that he keeps in a pouch on him. He plans on murdering the family and friends while on the trip for some reason.

I feel like I have to stop him. The action parts of the dream are what I remember the most. I sneak into his house, into his bedroom (which looks like my parents’ bedroom in our first house). I steal the pouch and run as far away as I can. I’m overweight in real life and look and feel the same in my dream. I don’t get far. He’s chasing me, and all I can figure is that the claws/teeth might work like a werewolf bite and you have to be cut to be cursed. I believe that if I become a beast too I can stop him. (In real life, I’m a sucker for werewolf stories) I start scratching myself with the items, and he’s coming closer and laughing that that’s not going to do it, I have to ‘go deeper.’ I pause for too long and he grabs me and throws me to the ground; he’s trying to suffocate me and I feel every bit of the pressure on my neck and my air being cut off. I grab one of the items and sink it right into my stomach on the left hand side. I feel pain blossom and the heat of the shock through my body. He stops choking me, but is still holding me down. He laughs and says he didn’t think I would have the guts to actually do that, but that he’d hoped I would be the one. He says I might think I’m going to stop him now, but soon I’ll enjoy it too much. I start shake like I have the flu and am freezing; I’m kicking and trying to throw him off. I get the feeling someone else is watching too. He’s laughing at me. He pulls the items out of the wound in my stomach; I see the blood and fat sticking out from the puncture and I feel myself going into shock at the sight. I’m suddenly exhausted and feel myself start to pass-out. He’s starting to gather me up in his arms and taking me somewhere. Somehow I manage to wiggle away and start running. I’m running faster than I ever have before, even in dreams. I’m feeling incredible; there’s not even any pain anymore. I find an open car in a parking lot loaded with camping gear and hide inside; I’m exhausted again, but the puncture in my stomach is gone. I’ve felt everything in the dream; the cold and hardness of the ground when I was pinned, the snow shifting under my feet, the slightly mildewed smell of the camping gear I’m hiding under. My heart’s beating and I’ starting to feel strange. I suddenly realize that I’ve been stupid and he’s either going to track my footprints or track me by smell. I’m mentally kicking myself for being stupid when he opens the back of the car and grabs me again. I don’t have the strength to struggle and the next thing I remember I’m being dragged towards the woods I think; towards a cabin. I manage to break away again and I’m bounding through the trees on all fours; I feel like I’m leaping 20-ft at a time; the rational part of my brain is saying ‘what an awesome dream!’. I smell the wood and snow and smoke and water from the river. I try to jump off of stumps and trees like a fox to mar the trail. I climb up one tree and jump to another and start to climb as high as I can; it’s effortless, unlike many other dreams I’ve had. I see the man in beast form stalking through the woods and hold my breath at the top of the tree. I start to feel the wind ruffling my fur and my ears are twitching. There’s a light shining on me from somewhere, like a spotlight from a helicopter. The wind starts whipping and distracting me, and I see my shadow in the tree thrown on the ground and realize he's going to find me like this. Suddenly he’s come up the tree and is grabbing me. We’re both falling towards the snowy ground and the wind is whistling in my ears and then I wake up.

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Re: Most recent being chased/attacked/transformed dream

Postby Goldkoron » 07 Dec 2013 20:08

Intense dream.
Do a reality check

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