Same dream reoccuring. WHY?

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Same dream reoccuring. WHY?

Postby Ark21 » 08 Dec 2013 19:27

K so I just wondered if anyone could perhaps shed light on why I appear to be getting the same dream over and over. I have had it around 4 times in the last month! they also seem to be a lot more vivid and lucid than my average dreams. Please tell me what you think and why.

Not meaning to brag but I was a pretty good looking boy when I was young (I am 44 now) I used to get a lot of attention from girls, I actually looked a lot like Zac Efron when I think back (lol) I even had a similar hair style lol. One particular time I was 12 and immature I always knew a lot of the girls liked me but I would ignore them and prefer to hang out with the other boys, to me girls were 'not cool' and any boy seen with them would be made fun of. I won't lie I was a bit of a jerk and somewhat cocky. There was 6 girls in my class in particular who were always trying to get my attention and I could tell liked me and the main girl was outgoing and would always be forward about trying to flirt with me saying she was going to get me no matter what. After seemingly months of back and forth immature pranks and joke boys vs girls fights she decided to just 'get me'. I happened to be out alone one day when they struck I was suddenly being chased by around 6 girls who I knew and knew they all fancied me it was kind of scary but also an extremely nice feeling as a boy to be chased by girls although I never made it obvious. These girls chased me practically round the whole neighbourhood it was the first real time in my life where I felt 'wanted' by the opposite gender and a moment like that was magical especially when your so young.

The dream was the same as this event like I was 're-entering' my younger self and being my younger self while being chased by 6 girls who could not wait to kiss me. I distinctly remember a birds eye view of where they were chasing me through a local field which did happen but it was like I was watching it happen from above and feeling all the feelings I had back then only it was so much more powerful and stronger!

I don't understand why this feeling of being 'wanted' is so powerful and heightened I mean it happened a long time ago but its almost like it was yesterday. Its very strange. I am happily married with a wife and kid and already feel loved but its almost like that love is inadequate compared to the 'love' I feel when chased by these girls in my dream. It should not be this way! I wish I knew what it means.

Any thoughts? thanks people.

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Re: Same dream reoccuring. WHY?

Postby TillyPink » 09 Dec 2013 00:04

I think there's alot of Jungian Anima/Animus stuff going on here - are you familiar? If not do a good ol' google search - it's interesting stuff about how we internalise our masculine and feminine identities (although not masculine and feminine in the classical sense, the idea that both sexes work with both these aspects of self to deepen our experience and identify our selves with each comfortably.)

Are you lucid in these dreams?

There is an interesting two-fold experience happening here. You are revisiting the same dream space and revisiting a childhood memory within this revisted dream. I believe when ever we keep revisiting a dream, there is something there that needs to be worked with. Or acknowledged fully. Well, it IS being worked with, in your unconscious. As it's happening anyway. But to explore it a little can help resolution of the experience. Sorry if i'm sounding a bit psychoanalytical!

The first thing i would do is drop any guilt! You said 'it shouldn't be this way!' Why not? It doesn't mean you don't value your wife :D Free yourself to experience the dream fully, enjoy that vivid sensation and explore where it takes you.

I hate to mention the obvious, but you talk about being really attractive 'when you were younger' are 44 now (no i'm not going to say mid-life crisis!!! Too young for that still haha!) that something you feel is you feel you made the most of allowing yourself to be desired so strongly by all these little fairy nymphs running and giggling behind you...or at other times in your life? At the time you said you had mixed feeling both scary and nice. Now you experience it much more powerfully and strongly.

It sounded like a war...boys verses girls...the girl that was going to 'get you no matter what', then the day 'they struck'! Pretty savage....the mature you will interprate that less fearfully and more sensually...(this is ALL symbolic so nothing weird about it!) (there are a lot of minors on here but you get what i'm saying)

So you are having a chance here to 're-enter' your younger self. Sounds all good and healthy to me. I get the idea that the feeling of you being 'wanted' is really deep and is attached to love and desire at the deepest level. Perhaps some 'actualisation' going on here, teenagers go through this process, or at least they should in an ideal world. Remember this is your space to explore. Journal it all. Let us have an update!

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