help me

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help me

Postby l.u.c.i.d » 16 Apr 2012 08:38

I have never had a lucid dream and i have tried allot but i can't i need some help i don't know how to start one and i need to know how to start one

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Re: help me

Postby LieutenantParth » 16 Apr 2012 18:08

Ok, First motivation is very important. Think about flying and doing whatever u want to do in lucid dreams. It is very important. Te basic steps are as follows-
1. Take a copy and a pen and put it by ur bed at night. When u wake up in the morning try to remember the dream which u had that night. We all dream every night. I usually wake myself up after every 2 hours after sleeping by putting an alarm. This way it will be easier for u to remember the dream. If u remember ur dream write it in the copy,every part of it. This is called dream journalling.
2. the 2nd step is to do reality checks. During the day when u are awake repeatedly ask yourself whether u are dreaming or not. Ask urself questions like how do i know i am not dreaming? In a dream everything is real then how can i say that i am not dreaming. Or u can look at any object and ask urself does this object really exists or is it just my mind's projection. When u are fully satisfied to do a reality check do it. See this site for the reality checks.
3. 3rd step is do incubate dreams while sleeping. While sleeping close ur eyes and imagine ur first lucid dream while saying 2 urself "I will have a lucid dream tonight".
Warnings: Many begineers give up soon. I am a beginer and i have achieved lucid dreaming and i have full confidence that i can have more lucid dreams. So dont give up. Write L on ur wrist. whenever u look at it in the morning do a reality check. In ur drems u might see the L and become lucid. I hope i helped!

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Re: help me

Postby l.u.c.i.d » 17 Apr 2012 05:49

i need to know what to do once i'm in bed or on a couch do i lay still or what
and i don't know how to dream journal my dreams seem blank just blackness i probably don,t remember them

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Re: help me

Postby LucidKey13 » 17 Apr 2012 07:25

Developing dream recall through dream journaling is quite important as there is no point in having a lucid dream if you wont remember it in the morning. Rebbeca has tons of articles on the site which demonstrate and give detailed explanations on how to induce lucid dreams/different techniques.
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