Tip for reality checks.

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Tip for reality checks.

Postby RosenVitae » 11 Dec 2013 00:37

Hey everyone. I'm back on the spiritual wagon now after a years relapse into my old helpless/powerless patterns. I've joined the Spirit Science community aswell. A thought just occoured to me that I wanted to share here.

Reality checks. I used them to check if I was dreaming (had 3 DILD experiences from this, but they were semi-lucid only). I was just inspired to think about it. It's more than a tool to check if we are awake or dreaming. Matter of fact, you (like me) propably live your waking life not being very lucid atall. You may reality check in waking life and upon realizing "I'm awake" go about your normal buisness again, becoming non-lucid in waking life again.

After reality checks, perhaps we would benefit from demanding clarity and control in waking life aswell and start contemplating just how much we are in control of our waking life in the moments that follow. I have a feeling this might be very helpful once that moment comes when you realize you ARE dreaming.

*Edit* After 2 reality checks here in waking life, I actually learned how easily I become distracted after realizing my state of consciousness. After a few seconds I was compelled to continue what I was doing before that, and I believe that would be an obstacle from obtaining full lucidity. I also believe that resisting this urge to carry on is a way to take control (and it also makes you think "what is control anyways?").

Happy sleeping :)
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Re: Tip for reality checks.

Postby JonSnowLD » 28 Dec 2013 22:58

I've never thought about reality checks like that! I guess it links in with being more self aware in real life-i'll give being lucid in real life following reality checks a go over the next few days ;)
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