How's it going guys?

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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How's it going guys?

Postby tc3 » 15 Dec 2013 07:53

Hey my name is Tommy, I'm a 21 year old college student outside of pittsburgh. I stumbled upon this page awhile ago but I finally decided to join and communicate with others. The part that interested me the most about lucid dreaming is the fact that you can explore your subconscious mind and use your creativity to do/create whatever you want. I'm an aspiring video directer/producer and if can lucid dream, i can come up with crazy ass ideas and see how they work. Over summer I became very intrigued with lucid dreaming and made it my goal to do so. I researched as much as i could and figured out exactly what I needed to do. I had a handful lucid dreams since i became fascinated with it but not in the way that I want them. I need to fully commit myself to writing down my dreams every morning, preforming reality checks, becoming more self aware of everything and especially mediation. Through researching lucid dreaming, I become obsessed with decalcifying and activating my pineal gland (third eye). I am trying to do this through supplements that remove the fluoride from the pineal gland and different meditation/techniques I found. If you don't know what your third eye is or what it does, YOU NEED TO LOOK IT UP. But because the gland is responsible for your sleep cycles and produces dmt to make you dream, if I can activate it, I will be able to have many lucid dreams, obes, and tons of more crazy awesome benefits of an activated pineal gland. Wowww that was a long post haha I keep you guys posted on my progress

Cya guys,

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Re: How's it going guys?

Postby TillyPink » 16 Dec 2013 00:14

You're absolutely right Tommy! I wish i'd had that wisdom (and access to the net!) when i was 21! I removed fluride from my diet, along with parabans and all processed food. In fact going veggie helped too. Lots of dark leafy greens, a good balanced diet...hey hope you have some awesome dream making and inspired film making...welcome to the many possible worlds of the unconscious....and blowing the myths of our waking're on a great journey (cliche but true!)

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Re: How's it going guys?

Postby pluginmango » 17 Dec 2013 11:28

Hi Tommy!
Wow, interesting story! I'm really curious about your progress :D Please keep us updated!
Good luck!
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