REM gaps

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REM gaps

Postby Goldkoron » 19 Dec 2013 21:00

I can always tell when I have had a long and active REM cycle at night by the length of how long I felt I slept. For example, on a normal night with a normal REM cycle, the night goes by fast. But on a active REM cycle night, you can clearly feel that that night was way longer than normal. I can also remember a few crazy dreams. So even if you do not remember all of your dreams, you can definitely feel the gaps in your memory in which you do not remember, it is like the memories are there but unreadable.
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Re: REM gaps

Postby HAGART » 20 Dec 2013 03:09

I've had mornings like this.
Sometimes, I don't remember my dreams, but feel like I was on a long adventure that lasted hours.
It's like when you try to remember and it's 'on the tip of your tongue'. It's almost there, but I can't remember the dream. It's 'on the tip of my mind'.

I can feel it in my body, though. I have a residual rush as though I was doing something thrilling, like getting off an amusement park ride, but just can't remember what it was.

I think that's how my family sleeps, because they don't remember dreams the way I do and none of them even want to talk about lucid dreaming. But it doesn't mean we didn't dream. I know I did... but just didn't remember on that particular night. It gives me a taste of how most people dream, never remembering or even trying to remember. When we try to remember and get in the habit, we do more often than not, and I don't understand why some people have no interest in remembering half their life that they live in dreams!

I always feel frustrated when I don't remember a dream that I just know and feel that I had, on the tip of my mind, but most people in this world wake up, get dressed and start their day without giving it a second thought. If only they knew the second life we are all capable of living....
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