Really cool, intelligent conversation with a DC

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Really cool, intelligent conversation with a DC

Postby Kman43759 » 21 Dec 2013 23:19

I dont remember the whole dream cause my dream recall is pretty bad but this is just what I remember

The dream started out with me getting into a car with some random stranger and we started driving down a familiar road in my hometown and I just though "Why did I get in the car with somebody I didnt know?" And thats when i realized I was dreaming "Did you know this is a dream?!" I said to the guy in the car "sure I dont know if thats what you want to call it" He said. I was confused by this so he started to explain "I wouldn't really know cause this is just the world I live in that your mind has created" and he started talking about how my mind has created this world and how for him its more like his life than a dream and then he smiled and I thought "oh crap im probably going to wake up soon" and so I think after that I either woke up or just forgot the rest :/
I know that i was most likely just talking to my imagination but it was really cool how intelligent and kind he was, maybe he was one of those dream guides people talk about

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