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Postby CookieMonster:3 » 27 Dec 2013 08:02

So I've been trying the MILD technique with only two results - sort of, that is. I lay in my bed and repeat my lucid affirmations. When I feel like I'll drop off to sleep any minute, I begin picturing a recent dream, just changing the ending. So I begin to fall asleep. The thing is, I am a very deep sleeper. The only two times I've recognized I'm dreaming is when I'm in a very light sleep, just beginning to dream. So unfortunately, I wake up very quickly and easily. Is there any way to change this? Become a less deep sleeper, maybe?

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Re: Help?

Postby Highlander » 27 Dec 2013 16:39

Maybe you're too comfortable and you fall back asleep.
Try to sleep in another position, one that is not uncomfortable to you but at the same time not the most comfortable.
I do this. That "middle term" for me is sleeping on the side. I use MILD and lately it's been turning into a great WILD.

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