Encountering Inner Demons

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Encountering Inner Demons

Postby Legended » 18 Apr 2012 14:52

I had a really bizarre dream that I've never really experienced before until now. From what I remember it started off in very poor area. Buildings where torn down, trash every where, rats hiding in crevices, ect. I was with a handful of friends and we where exploring these slums. We walked into an ally and ran into a security guard. He gave me the impression of being a cool guy even though I don't recall what we where even talking about. as he was talking to us the smell of marijuana smoke interrupted his train of thought and we heard a group of people in the distances just enjoying themselves. He told us he had to go and warned us not to go the direction we where headed. He said, "it is not safe". He reported to his duties and we proceeded forward anyways regardless of his warnings. I separated myself from the group and stepped into a hole in the wall and saw a rat and it's baby. The baby walked towards my foot and I picked it up. Out of nowhere it died in my hands. as I was about to place it on the floor the mother calmly walked up to my hand and took her dead offspring in a comforting way like it was aware of it's fate. The dream began to shift into a darker scene. Out of nowhere i was in a vacant subway station. I began to walk around and people started to appear. They seemed to be working class people in a trance unaware of what they were doing and where they where going almost like zombies. I was looking for a way out when i finally found a stairway which led to the street. I walked up stairs and the sun had barely risen giving me a warm cold feeling. I began to walk down the sidewalk when all of sudden I saw a blind priest walking my direction. He seemed to be having trouble walking. as he got closer I asked if he needed any help. He then unexpectedly grabbed me by the shirt and said "I was blind, now i can see". He let me go and continued on with his struggle. The situation seemed a bit strange but it only got stranger. I turned the corner and saw two buildings that shadowed over me. It was the twin towers and right then and there I realized I was in New York. as I stared at the buildings, amazed on the size of the structures, a shadow figure appeared behind the buildings. The figure seemed to be a silhouette of a business man. He was shaking his head back and fourth and flicking his fingers as if he was listening to music. His other hand stretched far out 3x the length of his body. His hand stopped and hovered over a plane. His hand began receding back towards his body in correspondence with the plane. I already knew the scenario and how it was going to play out. So instead of focusing on the plane I focused on this dark entity that was controlling the situation instead. as i focused the darkness began to wash away starting from the man's solar plexus. Things started to get a clearer and clearer. The man's tie appeared, then his under shirt, then his suit, then his collar, Then his neck. Before it got to his face the plane had crashed causing me to loose focus. Not only did the building catch fire but the whole city surrounding it as well. I began to shift into another scene. Even though i had a slight sense of being in a dream I wasn't fully lucid allowing the dream to form it's own shape. I ended up being in a house that I've never been before. It was empty with a few furniture. I began to explore the house and noticed there was no exit. I walked into a room and saw my mom sitting there looking down. I called out to her and she didn't respond. She seemed to be possessed. I walked towards her and she looked up at me with a sinister smile and said, "are you ready?". I got angry and grabbed her and shook her violently in attempt to free her. all she did was laugh. I felt hopelessness take over. So I walked away into another room and sat alone. all of a sudden my aunt slowly walked into the room. I was uncertain if she was possessed cause she had a blank expression on her face. She finally spoke and said, "Why are you sitting here alone? Come eat. There is food in kitchen." I was relieved to see that things where becoming normal again so I gave her a hug and walked to the kitchen. I saw my cousin in the kitchen fixing up a plate and I greeted him. He walked away into the other room. as I was looking for plate to serve myself a figure appeared out of nowhere. I wasn't sure if it was even human. It had characteristics of both male and female. It wore clothes made of green clothe artfully covering it's body with a green turban tied on it's head. It blankly stared at the ground. It seemed to be doing a lot of things when it was doing absolutely nothing if that makes any sense at all. I remember this entity clearly because this is the last thing I saw before I woke up. The strangest thing of all was right before I woke up I heard a voice in my head that said, "I'm sorry I didn't understand." I'm not certain if that was my conscious or subconscious mind speaking. Or maybe both. But now being awake and writing this I regret not taking the opportunity to see what the demon in my mom had to show me. I'm pretty sure it would of took me to darker place, but just maybe it could of showed me something that could of gave me a better understanding. What could happen has become what could of been. all I want is some insight from people who share the same ability as I do and help me make sense of this dream. any help is appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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