The New Guy

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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The New Guy

Postby abart65 » 29 Dec 2013 08:33

Hey, I'm new obviously new to this site otherwise i wouldn't be posting here and was just wanting to say hello. Never really been a part of a forum like this or any other but wanted to be apart of the world of lucid dreaming where i could talk to others about my own experience and get awesome advice as well as hear others people's interesting stories and hopefully be able to give some form of advice even though I'm still learning myself.

I should probably tell a few things about me to do with lucid dreaming. I discovered it when i was fifteen years old via my older brother who had some interest in the area, though more spiritually exclusive such as astral projection through the means of WILDing or MILDing. Anyway I can't remember what i did to get into it whether it was watching videos or reading books, i think i read a book on it, but after a few days i surprisingly had my first experience which was short lived due to my utter excitement as to achieving such a feat. I'm now two years older and have had my fair share of experiences. In those years it was more an and off thing where i didn't try so much to have them but just let them happen. Now I'm getting really badly into it and especially MILD's as I've had quite the few experiences with them, with the whole SP where i feel vibrations and can't move but could never actually start a lucid dream until the other night actually, but due to my lack of skill in this specific area I came out in a desert. I hope to get advice on how to further this skill so I can quickly get into lucid dream instead of laying paralyzed for a few minutes.

I also am looking to get into astral projection and OBEing which i found really interesting, though I must say I don't believe much of possession and demons, but i do sort of believe in other beings being there just that they can't cause me any harm there nor in the third dimension :D

So hey everybody and I hope to talk to you guys soon :mrgreen:

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Re: The New Guy

Postby Vonozar » 30 Dec 2013 01:31

Welcome to the forum! :)

abart65 wrote: MILD's as I've had quite the few experiences with them, with the whole SP where i feel vibrations and can't move

I think maybe you mixed up the techniques here. ;) It sounds more like WILD, where you experience sleep paralysis where as MILD is a DILD and therefore don't. But all's good, I know what you mean.

Again welcome ro the forum! See ya around! :)

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