WILD bright flashes and gunshots

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WILD bright flashes and gunshots

Postby abart65 » 29 Dec 2013 08:59

Recently I've become really interested in WILDing and have been practicing and got pretty good at getting into that weird vibration state but have always have trouble getting into the LD part. Anyway in this state one night I realized i could feel my eyes shut. Now usually in a normal LD i don't feel this and actually wake up by closing them then concentrating on "waking up" so this being the opposite situation became intrigued by what could be on the other side so reluctantly, having heard of weird things happening, opened them to face my room.
It was lighter, as if it was day and most things were missing apart from my desk. I knew i couldn't move but i looked around with my eyes for about five seconds or so before some weird streaks of light flashed across my eyes followed by some gunshot noise as if the light was "zooming" past me even though it didn't move. Shocked i closed my eyes and opened them again to see some creepy demonic girl thing peeking up above my bed barely with an outstretched hand. Being in this situation before i was frightened so i watched her, waiting for the vibrations to go and the actual LD to start, but eventually it touched my forehead and i quickly got out there as soon as possible. I know that the gun noise probably made that thing appear or something but the thing i don't understand was why that gunshot noise appeared out of nowhere. Does anyone have any theories. I guess it could be just a random thing but it seems like it signaled something. I also had another WILD experience where i never opened my eyes and thought of how to get into a dream. A lady appeared as if from a game show and told me who should be in it, but after a minute or so, a weird noise erupted, this time discernible and i freaky demonic voice started whispering in my ear. That one happened before the "opened eye" experience and it seems to frighten me and create these odd scary things.
It comes randomly, never sounding at times, and was wandering if anyone knew how to stop it so that i can actually have a WILD without having it being a horrible thing.

P.S. I have now had a successful WILD now, but am worried this will happen again and it'll just be another worthless night trying to ignore weird things going on and never getting anywhere with my dreams.

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Re: WILD bright flashes and gunshots

Postby taniaaust1 » 04 Jan 2014 06:02

I know that the gun noise probably made that thing appear

Yeah it could of done. I myself have have had like a gun shot noise happen (making me half jump out of my skin with being startled) when trying to WILD or when on the verge of sleep. When this happens, it can be signaling the transition from wake to dream state and hence you can use this signal to know you are leaving the normal wake state.

became intrigued by what could be on the other side so reluctantly, having heard of weird things happening, opened them to face my room.
It was lighter, as if it was day and most things were missing apart from my desk.

Now it was at this point, if I was having that experience.. I would of gone "oh Im lucid dreaming" You WERE in your dream experiencing your dream self (thou that dream self was still on your bed). You were in your dream selfs body and opened your dream selves eyes. You ARE Lucid dreaming and have entered a dream at this point. You are just lucid dreaming your bedroom and being in bed.

From this LD state. You could try to summersault out of bed.. by doing this I find I can often find myself elsewhere in a dream or you can try to think of yourself floating up.. you need to keep telling yourself that its a dream and hence telling yourself you can do this...believe. You may need to interact some with your dream experience to stabilise the dream (your demon girl was spontanously helping some for you to do that as your focus on her would of been intense. You could of tried to ask her want she wanted.. by telepathy I suggest in case you moved lips..something one doesnt need to worry about once one is stabilized in the LD..but at first till you fully feel like you are well grounded in a dream .

take care not to accidently move your physical body. This can be an issue with WILD as one can slowly be stabilizing into the LD and the beggining of a WiLD can at times be quite unstable and risky not to get a drop out. If it does drop out, just put your focus back onto whatever you were just experiencing to hopefully take you right back into it.

Anyway.. you need to break with the just dreaming you are in your bed part and to do that, you may need to do something. I do not suggest just to try to get out of bed normally as it may connect you too much to your real body on the bed and pull you away from the LD state.

You are getting into the right LD state but you arent getting yourself to the point where you are interacting well your waking self with your dream. Your subconciousness thou wanting to interact with you but you are stopping it. You need to interact and let go more so you can have a good LD.

If you cant get yourself facing the things you are manifesting when you think you are still laying on your bed.. how are you going to face things you are manifesting when you suddenly find yourself completely elsewhere? I think you have some work to do to get yourself over your fears.

If you dont like demon girl.. get rid of her. Use your thoughts to do it. Its really as simple as that. and you are correct that if you are worrying about this, it IS likely to happen to you again. Take charge of your dream manifestations. It is normal to get "odd things" in dreams. You just need to not allow these to bother you.
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Re: WILD bright flashes and gunshots

Postby abart65 » 20 Jan 2014 10:06

thanks taniaaust1. That was really insightful. I actually found a way that seems to be working where I get into SP but don't open my eyes at all. After a while i think of myself as two bodies and move the one that isn't vibrating. I found this takes me away from any connection of my body and I can just imagine as scene in front of the blackness of my eyes and then suddenly be int hat scene. The dream then last for about half an hour or more which is really awesome. As for the fear things, I am trying my best to take charge as you say haha but it is a lot of work but I think I'm doing awesome now. Thanks again

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