struggling with commitment and control

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struggling with commitment and control

Postby diamondmoon » 29 Dec 2013 22:36

Hello, I am a kind of beginner. And what I mean by that is I know pretty much everything about how to lucid dream, but I am unable to have many lucid dreams because I have a hard time with commitment. I discovered lucid dreaming either early this year or late 2012. I found this website within a few days and I read about every single technique and tip on here. I've tried every technique(except OBE, but I'm not doing that), and the only one I've been successful is the DILD. But pretty much what happens is, I'll go a month or 2 super committed- or at least trying. I'll do about a dozen reality checks a day, usually try the MILD technique at night, and I sometimes do a dream journal in the morning. I think the main thing that's holding me back is that I don't under any circumstances want my parents to know about this stuff because they'll think it's a waste of time, and that I'm probably crazy. So anyway, I'll try to be committed for a while, then I'll get frustrated and pretty much give up. So I'll stop doing everything to do with lucid dreaming for at least another month. I think I've had a total of 3 lucid dreams, and only one was when I was committed.
The first lucid dream I had was last year. I didn't know anything about lucid dreaming. So I was standing in a room with a few people and I was just staring at them, when I was like "wait am I dreaming?...Oh". That moment was pretty freaky because it felt so real and I had never had this happen before. But I was only lucid for about ten seconds, because another person came in the room and told me to come with them and distracted me out of my lucidity.
The second one I had was couple months ago, during the summer I think. It happened random, out of the blue, and I think I was walking somewhere when I realized it. I was surprisingly very calm; I told myself not to get excited, said clarity now, and two plus two equals four, that didn't help; it wasn't until I rubbed my palms together when things cleared up, but then, again, I saw someone and started running after him, which completely distracted me again, but I think I stayed lucid for at least a minute.
My third lucid dream, I'm pretty sure I was in my commitment stage but I really don't remember when it was. In this, I was in my school. I don't know when I became lucid during this, but when I was I was standing and thinking to myself, when I turn around I will see Niall Horan(hey, I'm a teenage girl), and I did. But then I guess I thought to myself something like what if he started chasing me or something? And he did. So I ran, and reminded myself I was lucid- I was halfway down the stairs, and I decided to try the spinning teleporting method, but it didn't work, and I think I either woke up, or lost lucidity. But obviously that was my most successful dream.

So, to tell you where I'm going with this, my first question would be how to stay committed, and my second would be how to really be in control? In my second lucid dream, I basically forgot that since I was lucid I could do all of this cool stuff and I was just stuck on the fact that I was dreaming. Also, when I was saying the clarity now and adding the numbers together to really become aware, it was like my voice wouldn't work enough; I couldn't speak loud at all. In my third dream, I guess the spinning part not working was just because I couldn't focus enough since I was just being chased?

I'm pretty sure this is all because I haven't had hardly any experience; but I'm going to make a goal to have at least one lucid dream before the winter break ends.
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Re: struggling with commitment and control

Postby JonSnowLD » 29 Dec 2013 22:51

I wouldn't worry about your family thinking your nuts-mine all do since I started getting into the idea of LDs ;)

although im pretty much a beginner too, I think the idea of always writing something down in a dream journal every day is important, it might help with the commitment idea cause it keeps you thinking about your dreams and you start seeing patterns that reoccur-don't know if that helps at all?

I can't really answer the control bit seeing as I'm working on that too! ;)
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Re: struggling with commitment and control

Postby taniaaust1 » 03 Jan 2014 13:27

I was halfway down the stairs, and I decided to try the spinning teleporting method, but it didn't work, and I think I either woke up, or lost lucidity. But obviously that was my most successful dream.

The spinning is what probably woke you up. When someone spins in a LD, it disconnects them from their surroundings and it can be that surrounding which is helping to hold them in the dream. For many myself included, spinning is a bad thing to do.

I suggest to avoid spinning seeing you are one it wakes up.

Being chased is a fairly intense kind of thing which can help hold a person in a LD due to the intensity or wake a person up. It would of been better to turn around and interact with the thing which was chasing you.. to maintain a good focus on the dream. Dream characters are great things to use to keep yourself in a dream and help stabilise more in it.

You've get better at this and understand things better the more experience you have.
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