Spectacular music to help with Lucid Dreaming!

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Spectacular music to help with Lucid Dreaming!

Postby FOGHoly » 01 Jan 2014 02:33

I'd been attempting lucid dreaming for long time now, and when I found this techno trance song on the Internet, I was absolutely BLOWN away by the connection that this song has towards lucid dreaming (relaxation, power, creativity), plus the pictures in this video are amazing dreamscapes. Against all odds, I had my first lucid dream that night. I've shared this song with some other lucid dreamers of mine, and they all said that they had a lucid dream at least once a week because of this song! I wouldn't suggest listening to the song AS you fall asleep, but maybe a couple of minutes before with the song at a QUIET VOLUME, just to get the tune imprinted in your head. I've used the tune for auditory visualization, which helped me very well with a WILD. This song may not work for everyone, but if it worked for all of my friends, then it is almost guaranteed to work for you. Remember to follow the link below!

SONG: "Rave Techno" a.k.a. "Inside You" by DJ Mangoo
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-0-rI2H200
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