Questions to ask a DC and interesting conversations

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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Questions to ask a DC and interesting conversations

Postby Jackson » 04 Jan 2014 17:43

Okay so I thought that this forum should have a place where people post all of their interesting DC conversations, questions to ask a DC or other interesting DC's.

I will go first; I become lucid. I am swimming in the lake on front of me. I open my eyes and begin to breathe underwater, And I see... I see beauty, thousands upon thousands of multicoloured glorious fish swimming all about me. I feel at one with them. Suddenly I surface. I look around and I feel a tentacle grasp my leg. I frantically swim back to shore, although it is more like I am flying/running/swimming along the surface of the water. I reach shore and am instantly dry. I head over to the path that I see is leading to the woods. I follow it and up ahead I hear a man talking to a woman. The man is teaching the woman how to throw fireballs. She does and I walk over to the man as the woman leaves. The man is of average height, has almost an 60's hippy look to him. He is wearing dark circular sunglasses and a grey shabby coat. He wears an blank face but I feel that underneath that is a massive, breathtaking entity, come to help me some way. I am about to ask him "are you the awareness behind the dream" but merely by thinking I receive an immediate powerful response. " I am known by many names but yes that is who I am here" I am thinking of asking of him how to become more lucid and have heightened senses and he says with his voice "you must pillage the dream" ( the words are meaningless as an answer but the thought-form answer he sends me is "Focus on the sense you want to heighten") I begin with sight and focus entirely on the pieces of bark in front of me and me eyes are suddenly like an eagle (I. Real life I have 20:400 vision so this a very dramatic change). I expect This newfound eyesight to quickly fade away but it stays with me. I do the same for my ears listening to forest sounds, then my nose smelling forest/ ocean. The man is walking away now and I am following him. We reach some sort of Greek style balcony over looking the vast lake which is now an ocean I swam in earlier. I am about to ask how to fly and i receive I thought answer from him and I begin to feel my wings behind me I am about to look behind when the dream.

So how was that!? I found this dream extremely interesting and my current dream goal is to ask a DC, "Where are we," or " what is his place" and of they say " we are In a Forest" I would say, " yes that is where we appear to be, but what is his place really?" Hope you enjoyed that!

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Re: Questions to ask a DC and interesting conversations

Postby Vonozar » 17 Jan 2014 07:58

I really enjoyed reading that. Sounds like an awesome experience. :)

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Re: Questions to ask a DC and interesting conversations

Postby CSL505 » 20 Jan 2014 19:04

That sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing that.

I'm still new to LDing, though I really want to have an LD where I sit down with a DC and ask a whole bunch of questions.

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Re: Questions to ask a DC and interesting conversations

Postby taniaaust1 » 19 Feb 2014 13:55

Last time I had a LD in which I asked a DC of our location, I got given the name of a town I'd never heard of before. Interestingly the DC had an American accent and when I looked up the town name I was given, it turns out that town does exist and is in America. (Im in Australia) .. another interesting thing with that dream was the DC was called Sandy. Not a name at all common where I are (I dont know of any Sandy's here in real life, only one aussie sandy I know by internet ..but when I searched after this dream, the Sandy name seems common in America,, there were Sandy's in the town in RL.

Tonight I had a LD in which the DC when I told him my real body was in bed sleeping .. he got scared of me then and told me Im soulless. This DC was of someone I'd never seen before.. wearing particular large, light brown, large spectacles which had thick rims around his eyes. Medium brown hair, a short nose (not fine, nor very pointy) black beard, above lip hair going ..facial hair going right across face.. facial hair not completely untidy but not very neat either... he was obese, Hair average, caucasion person (thought I'd put that there in case anyone thinks they have dreamed of the same DC).

I never seem to come across the same DCs unless I know them in real life.
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