Dream recall within a dream..???

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Dream recall within a dream..???

Postby dreamworld777 » 05 Jan 2014 15:12

Two nights ago I had a non lucid dream that a man took me and planned to make me a prostitute,me and another girl who i do not know.I was able to run away from him....
Now,last night I dreamed that I was waiting for a man (unknown to me in real life) to pick me up.We were going on some sort of camping trip..
I didn't want to go and felt very nervous and anxious as if there was some impending danger if I went with him.
In my kitchen was my father (who in real life is no longer living)..he was very drunk and could barely stand.
I was disgusted with his behavior and told him how I felt.I then began telling him about this camping trip and how I was afraid to go because 2 nights before I had a warning dream which was warning me not to go on this trip...my father looked at me and said clearly "Do not go with him!"

I went outside and saw the man who was now there to pick me up.He came in a big white RV and everything inside was blue.Blue mattresses were stacked up inside of it..I felt nervous,I didn't want to go but for some reason,I felt so sad that I had to tell him that I didn't want to go.
Several more RV's pulled up and they were each driven by a man,they were all waiting for me.
I told the man that I was not going to be able to go..I gave him a reason that I don't remember.I felt so bad about it though.
He tried to change my mind but I stuck to my story.The other Rv's began to drive away and I felt that the men inside were angry with me but I felt a feeling of relief.The man then gave me a birthday card and a gift which confused me.I told him my bday passed months ago in September but he insisted I take the gift..so I did.As he drove away I felt tremendous relief,like a burden was lifted off of my shoulders..but even still,I felt so badly about having to cancel on him...strange,considering I knew this man was out to harm me once I went with him.

I never did open the gift in this dream,I woke up as I was walking into my house....
I have never recalled a dream within a dream,this was new to me.Does anyone have any thoughts as to what meanings might lay behind these dreams? This is the second time this week that I have dreamed of my deceased father.The first dream I had was of him trying to kiss me specifically on my mouth and I kept pushing him away from me...very strange.I don't dream of him very much normally.

Any interpretations or thoughts would be greatly appreciated..thanks guys!

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Re: Dream recall within a dream..???

Postby torakrubik » 06 Jan 2014 03:08

I can't offer any interpretation I'm afraid, though dream recall within dreams has happened to me several times before. A good LD goal for you would be to open that gift btw :)
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Re: Dream recall within a dream..???

Postby dreamworld777 » 07 Jan 2014 16:28

Yes! You are so right..but becoming lucid in a dream,well,I'm a beginner at that.In a year I have only become lucid twice but not long enough to do much.I will try even harder now because i do wonder what was in there.It was a small box only as big as an envelope.Hmmmmmm..... :?

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