Who's good at shapeshifting?

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Who's good at shapeshifting?

Postby Jacob46719 » 07 Jan 2014 05:11

I have an annoying problem regarding physical sensation of new or changed body parts.

Let's say I grow a tail in a lucid dream. I can see my tail and almost control it well enough for effective use. After over a year of development(a year because I have only been able to develop it within the dream ~6 times), I have nearly completed the physical sensation. But what if I wanted to generate a random combination of 6 or 8 limbs and such, when I don't have a clue of what it might feel like? Is there a way to receive sensation on the spot?
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Re: Who's good at shapeshifting?

Postby HAGART » 07 Jan 2014 18:02

I can't imagine having sensations in limbs I have never had before. But we all have a tail bone, a remnant from our evolutionary past. So if you focus on that part of your body, and try to wag it, the tail will move and feel more realistic with practice, which is what you have done by the sound of it. It's possible since we use to have tails at one point and the 'program' for it, with complete sensations may be still lurking around in our brains somewhere waiting to be tapped into if one chooses.

But what about a third arm? Which arm response would control it, the left or the right? I bet if I had a third arm in a lucid dream it would be like having 2 lefts, or 2 rights, and would move with the other at the same times. I actually don't know, and don't shapeshift, but that's what my imagination is telling me. (It would still be a very interesting dream if that happened!)
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Re: Who's good at shapeshifting?

Postby TillyPink » 07 Jan 2014 22:55

I had a really powerful spontaneous LD some years ago. During this time i was very much into diving into water, flying up high and then nose diving into the sea. In this particular dream, i went to my local village which is set by a Quay. It was dark, and i stood by the waters edge I decided then to go running in until i got deep enough to submerge myself well into the dark water. As i swam, i turned into an otter. What came first was the awareness of an otter. I had already taken on the attributes of an otter in the way that i was flowing and streamlining. So nothing was forced by the very nature of the flow. I then was able to wind under the boathouse and when i came back up inside the boathouse, i arrived in a beautiful woodland cottage and stood up once again as 'me'. My mother was there as a 'medicine woman' tentatively making medicines over a small fire. It was so lovely.

So perhaps being in a position that is somehow likely to trigger this off? I'm not really sure how this could be for creating the tail bone, but like Haggart says about the awareness of our 'evolutionary past'. I think imagination and feel is key here. For instance, maybe try a 'wag' sensation for a tail. Just ideas. I might try this myself :) I need more LD's so i can find time to fit every idea in! Lately when i LD and since using this site and researching, i like try a million things and it all get's a bit hectic!!

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Re: Who's good at shapeshifting?

Postby blazing » 10 Jan 2014 00:12

I Became a Saiyan in my Half-Lucid Dream before like I had a tail and someone grabbed it; It hurt like hell! To be honest.

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