Reality Debate thread

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Reality Debate thread

Postby Jackson » 07 Jan 2014 15:30

Alright so I am not sure topic really should be posted here but whatever. The purpose of this thread is to post your thoughts on what do you think is real, how do you define something as real and other questions like that.

Hopefully we can piece together some sort os answer or solution to those questions, and I think a good way to do just that is to ask a DC. :? :idea:

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Re: Reality Debate thread

Postby torakrubik » 08 Jan 2014 02:19

I've moved this to off-topic, seemed a little more relevant.

I could probably write an essay on this, but I'll keep it short and possibly expand later if this thread kicks off (I suspect it will).

Defining reality is no easy feat, but my personal definition would be something like the following:

"Reality is the totality of sensory inputs experienced at a particular point in space and time"

Consider it applied to 'waking reality'. We see, hear, feel emotion etc. So we say that things we can sense are 'real'. Similarly, in the dream world we can sense the dream environment up to and perhaps beyond the same level of clarity as in 'waking reality'. Thus, we consider the dream our 'reality' whilst we experience it.
These are just two examples, albeit important ones.
This is not very rigorous as a definition I admit. Note that I assume that space and time exist within a dream. That is perhaps a separate topic for discussion.
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Re: Reality Debate thread

Postby Jackson » 19 Jan 2014 18:30

Here's a random theory that I came up with on... I don't even know;

First let's bring up a concept that will help to explain this; time is not linear, which means that time is not moving forward in anyone direction, whether that be forwards or backwards or no movement at all. Rather (as I think of it), it is like a ballon. The "air" inside the ballon are universes and this ballon is what is called space time. This ballon expands and contracts, which leads to both forward movements in time and backwards movements in time. This expansion/ contraction can be localized to a specific area, but over time, general trends may occur. These general trends do not mean that the ballon is continuously expanding or contracting everywhere simultaneously; rather in some areas there is contraction and in others expansion, but rather that the balloon is overall, expanding. The balloon has many layers, which may be visualized as balloons inside balloons, each representing its own dimension and universe. This expansion and contraction is infinitely fast but from our perspective inside the balloon, it is infinitely slow. The size of the balloon is infinite which means it is sphere yet flat. Due to this fact there will always be some universe ahead of us in the balloon and behind us( in time). Since the future universes exists the past which brought them to their current state ( which is another universe existing simultaneously) the course of events that must occur has already been set. In essence this means that everything you have already done has already occurred, every "decision" you have made has already been decided an infinite amount of time. And no matter how far in the future you are, there will always be both universes behind and ahead of your reality because the size of balloon is infinite. Whenever that pre-determined path is deterred from slightly, which for everyone is extremely difficult, anomalies are created in future universes which are inexplicable things like ghosts. These anomalies may not be the direct result of these deviations, but it is the thing that I call the "mediator" does to compensate. Dreams are what occur between the infinitesimally small space between universes and are created by the "mediator" or " the awareness behind the dream" or the intra consciousness or a collective awareness.

That is what I think. Please help me pick apart the inconsistencies and parts the don't make sense because I am only 11 and not very good at that. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Reality Debate thread

Postby Summerlander » 19 Jan 2014 23:55

Reality is the waking dream. Lol :-D

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