1'st Lucid dream!

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Ebony Wolf
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1'st Lucid dream!

Postby Ebony Wolf » 19 Apr 2012 12:36

Not much to the lucidity, but it still was a great experience. I'll quickly explain this.

I was sitting on those wooden construction pillars on the sides of buildings next to one of my friends. We were talking, and two other people were beside the pillars. We were overlooking a green field with a school behind the tree line. (only a small line of trees, great view of school). When we were done talking, I looked over my friends legs. I was wondering if I could fly over him and blow his mind because I was dreaming. Thinking that simple phrase in my head, I then realized 'wait, I'm dreaming!' had sparked that fuse and everything went so, vibrant. So bright and vivid. It was as of the world had been reprinted with something new and more colorful. I said to myself "I'm lucid dreaming!" I turned to the two friends on my left. I forgot to clear my surroundings in any way, so when I turned to them on the left, everything froze, and my head locked into place. I couldn't move. Neither was anything else. I said to myself "Ugh! Not now!" and everything faded to black. I laid on my bed with my eyes closed for a couple seconds, then opened them only to see my wall. I then quickly stumbled to write it in my dream journal before it was gone.
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Re: 1'st Lucid dream!

Postby Chrispy » 20 Apr 2012 03:14

Congrats on your first lucid dream! :D
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