A journey to the Sun

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A journey to the Sun

Postby mathivanan » 10 Jan 2014 07:08

After my experience(my first lucid kiss) of lucid dream, I was wondering what happened to me. I really felt good both in my body and mind. So I thought I would continue with the experiment.

One day in my post-lunch nap(afternoon) I had the same kind of vibration in my body. This time I was very conscious that I could go out my body at will. I tried to get up from the body but I could not succeed. It was bit hard and I had to struggle. I tried to swirl my body and it worked. The next moment I was floating in the air. I saw the ceiling and tried to pass through. I did it effortlessly and then I was in the space. It looked very dark. I tried to go up in the space as far as possible. Suddenly, I saw the Sun. It looked orange in color. I tried to reach there. The Sun grew bigger and bigger. When it grew very big I felt the heat unbearable. Fearing that it would burn my body I stopped my flight. The next moment I was back into my body with the usual jerk (sometimes, without the jerk I get out and get into my body).

Hypothesis: Certain sensory organs like taste and touch continue to function in lucid dreams.

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