Some funny questions

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Some funny questions

Postby Je-Je » 10 Jan 2014 19:45

I was asking some funny questions to myself.

1.How does, by just writing down on a paper our dream will make us lucid in dream???
2.Why will a reality check make us lucid in dream???
3.Can we have lucid dreaming without all these method???
4.Does the mask(remee) make us become lucid in dream???
5.Are there some shortcuts to lucid dreaming??

And you, do you know the answer???
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Re: Some funny questions

Postby GalMutzafy » 10 Jan 2014 21:04

Well, Writing your dreams is helping you remmember more of your dreams in the future, wich makes your dreams more vivid and you can also know your ''dream sign'', wich helps you realize by that sign that you are dreaming.

Reality checks helps with a big thing- Understand you are actually in a dream!
See, in reality, you can't breath with your nose close, your hands will be diffrent in the dream than in real life or if you look in a dream at a word, look away and turning back, the word will 80 percent will change, this kind of things helps you, as I said, to realize that you are in a dream and that its not real.

Yes, lucid dreams can come spontaneously, but it's rear for most people, that's why you need to train.
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Re: Some funny questions

Postby taniaaust1 » 12 Jan 2014 10:59

2.Why will a reality check make us lucid in dream???

Cause reality checking during the daytime forms a habit which then can carry over to the dreams and when a person then starts questioning in a dream and does the check, it may show them that they arent awake like they thought they were.

Like right now.. how do you know you arent dreaming? Well you dont really unless you do reality checks as otherwise you could be dreaming right now but not realise it.

3.Can we have lucid dreaming without all these method???

Yes of cause one can have a LD without these methods. How hard a person needs to try and what things a person needs to do to trigger off a LD, is different with everyone. Some can have a LD just on first reading about it, finding out of its existance.

I myself had LDs before I even know what they were. I was doing something as I was working on something else and it triggered them off for me as unknown to me it was also a LD trigger.
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