HELP - Possession-level Lucid Nightmare - Very frightening

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HELP - Possession-level Lucid Nightmare - Very frightening

Postby RickBross » 14 Jan 2014 18:34

So last night, I had this lucid dream. I knew I was dreaming, but I could not get out of it.

The dream took place in a number of random rooms and areas that seemingly had no significance to the dream.

I would be walking or talking, and then all of a sudden my body would get dragged into a corner of the ceiling, or across the floor, or up into the air and slammed back down.

I had no control over this, and it lasted for a very long time it seemed. With all my strength I would try to move against it, but this invisible force would warp and bend my body into all sorts of different, and very painful, ways like I was a rag doll.

As if the hand of god was rolling me around and pressing me into the ground or onto the wall of a room very very hard.

This is really frightening, and I feel like this isn't the first time I have had this dream, though I can't remember a specific instance.

Funny thing is, I was sleeping at a good friends house after consoling her about her husband left her and their child earlier that day.

I meditate daily, am very interested in metaphysics and the esoteric. Through meditation, I believe I am starting to become more and more sensitive to peoples energy, and maybe that I had picked up the "bad vibes" that were around.

Any thoughts? Any precautions that I could take to make sure it didn't happen again? It's the most frightening thing that has ever happened to me in a dream. I felt possessed. Nothing evil, satanic, or demonic, but something had control over me and it DID NOT like me.

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Re: HELP - Possession-level Lucid Nightmare - Very frighteni

Postby RickBross » 14 Jan 2014 18:39

The distortion of my body, is very similar to the things I have felt when hallucinating due to a very high fever.

With the fever, my sense of shape would twist and distort. My sense of size could be manipulated to make me feel as small as an ant, or as large as a 20 story building. Sometimes I would feel as if I was twisting around in a cyclone shape, even though I knew I was laying in my bed, under covers, sweating my ass off.

Is there a term for this distortion of perceived shape and size?

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Re: HELP - Possession-level Lucid Nightmare - Very frighteni

Postby HAGART » 14 Jan 2014 21:31

I know how feverish, delirious dreams can warp our sense of size and distance. I don't know what it's called, but our brains have a spatial awareness that can go out of whack during periods of delirium. I usually feel like my hands are enormous even though I can visually see that they aren't. But those are fevers and fever-dreams.

During a few lucid dreams, in which I was thinking more clearly, I too have been suddenly pulled by a mysterious force and thrown around like a rag doll. They tend to happen after a false awakening and if you aren't too alarmed they tend to pass and I gain control and can walk freely. In some of my early experiences I felt fear and created scary hallucinations to justify it. They are based on beliefs and fears and usually took the form of ghosts or demons.

I know what it feels like and it's scary to not be in control of your own body and we attribute it to another entity. But it's not coming from someone or something else. I actually don't know why it happens, but if you change your attitude and don't consider it coming from a separate entity, you can just enjoy the ride and the fear can turn to fun. (Knock on wood). It can happen to anybody and although I say this, I too can get caught off guard and feel fear which escalates the problem.

Just last night, I woke up from a dream and I was laying in bed and something seemed out of place. When I got up I felt myself getting pulled which spooked me so I woke up. It was just a false awakening. So, it still happens to me even if I claim to have solutions. I will say this: our emotional state has a huge, perhaps even the most, influence on a dream, but we don't always think clearly when we're dreaming no matter how lucid you think you are. So I say, don't feel fear, but that is easier said than done.
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Re: HELP - Possession-level Lucid Nightmare - Very frighteni

Postby taniaaust1 » 25 Jan 2014 10:18

I think if something real was going on, in the dream state you'd be able to see whatever it is. rather then it just being something invisible. So I think this was probably some kind of subconscious symbolism coming in.

Maybe something in your life is feeling out of control.
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