Is this lucid dreaming?

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Is this lucid dreaming?

Postby thenewbie » 19 Jan 2014 11:24

Hi, I started reality check a month ago. Everytime i always do i reality check even in work but i havent had a single lucid dream until last night.


On my dream i notice that there are some weird things going like the scene changes instantly. Then when i notice that i said to my dream "wait something is not right, how can a place change instantly Am i dreaming?" then i recall the daily reality check i am doing. I count my fingers and guest what my ring finger body becomes distorted and becomes smaller then my finger reach to more than five OMG :D, then i realize i was dreaming. Then on that dream i also recall that i can control everything, so i said "fly, I want to fly" then i started floating. BUT, thats all i can do. I mean i cant control everything. I cant change the place, and everything that is going on. It just randomly happend although im aware of it. I tried several times then failed then when i tried it one last time everything turns blurry then i dont know what happend next. then i woke up.

Now im confuse if its a lucid dream or a lucid dream in a dream?

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Re: Is this lucid dreaming?

Postby Vonozar » 19 Jan 2014 20:02

Since you realized you were dreaming within the dream it was a lucid dream. That's the only qualification for a dream to count as lucid. It's a common misconception that you always have full control when you're lucid, but this isn't exactly true. Sometimes you will appear to have full control while at other times it seems you have little, but as long as you are aware that you are dreaming then it is still a lucid dream. :)

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Re: Is this lucid dreaming?

Postby thenewbie » 21 Jan 2014 10:42

Is it possible to control this? or all you can do is be aware of it? It would be great to fully control it :D possibilities are endless :D

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Re: Is this lucid dreaming?

Postby taniaaust1 » 25 Jan 2014 13:32

Yes that sounds like a LD.

. I mean i cant control everything. I cant change the place, and everything that is going on.

A LD is a mix of the subconciousness manifesting with the waking consciousness manifesting together. If you were in complete control of everything around you with nothing just being there itself, it would then rather be a visualisation, then a manifestation of a LD with the subconciousness involved too.

What you can create in your dream, depends on which is stronger- subconsciousness or waking conciousness, over that thing you are trying to create... How confident you are too can make quite a difference as well, any doubts that you wont be able to something are likely to stop it from happening. Having flying issues is quite common (I tend to float but not fly too).

Changing the whole scene around one.. can be a difficult skill (thou some get the hang of that from the start). You may want to practice changing smaller things in a dream first.. just always remember that its your dream and hence there is no reason why you cant really change something.
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