How to daydream

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How to daydream

Postby Jackson » 20 Jan 2014 03:48

This may seem like a weird question but ..." How do you daydream?" During the day, my mind constantly wanders and I go into these little " fantasies ". But these "daydreams " are simply caused by my persistent thinking about one topic, and yet I hear stories of people who have unexpected " daydreams" about things they have never heard about and weren't thinking about.

So here's what I want to know. How exactly do you daydream? I view daydreams as almost like an easy way to gain lucidity because( according to the accounts I have heard) you go straight from awake to daydream like a WILDD( wake induced lucid day dream). lol anyway, I hope you can help me because I am extremely confused and I want to have daydreams. Thank you

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Re: How to daydream

Postby TillyPink » 20 Jan 2014 23:58

Day dreams happen when we are processing information in waking life. Picture the child who is at school sitting at his/her desk and then goes into a trance looking out of the window. In the past kids were told off for 'daydreaming' but now we know that this is a creative way of processing information unconsciously.

I think day dreams are a great way to link to LD'ing...not really sure about the connection with the WILD, but i can see your link there. But day dreams are always accidental....we don't know we have been day dreaming until somebody snaps us out of the trance or we snap ourselves out. Quite often when we are daydreaming we don't know what we have been daydreaming about. Hhhmmm...lucid daydreaming...conscious daydreaming...we could be on to something! Haha! When you trance you never look at the object, but through it, if that makes sense. So my eyes would have been soft yet fixed but not focused. You know those magic eye pictures? That's the kind of look i mean. Practice looking at stuff like that.

The other day i was working, and spotted a small dog on a long lead tied to a tree. I got caught in the trance watching it out of the window. It became very vivid, i was not thinking then about the dog but carried on watching it bounce to the end of the lead and stop, alertly, then sit..bark etc. My mind was actually processing something very different to the dog...but afterwards i realised the action of the dog related to the information i was processing in a symbolic i'm guessing my unconscious mind used it as an opportunity to visually articulate something i needed to understand. Not so dissimilar to dreams.

You know i was thinking of starting a thread on day dreaming :)

To induce day dreaming, well, I've never thought about that!! Meditation will help you become mindful and help empty yourself of intrusive chatter. Creative people tend to daydream. I think daydreaming is a neglected subject so well done for bringing it up! But don't worry about it! You know people will get annoyed with you if you spend all day trying to daydream!! Like dreaming, i expect you do, but just don't realise it!

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