Reality check, do numbers work?

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Reality check, do numbers work?

Postby lightSleeper » 22 Jan 2014 15:07

Hey forum,

For the past two weeks I've been using my watch as a reality check. Every 20 minutes I look down and I check if I can read the numbers surrounding my watch. My assumption is that I shouldn't be able to read numbers during a dream. I've gotten quite in the habit now, but this morning I read my dream journal and it stated I was able to read a menus and choose a dish... Do you think this reality check will be ineffective for me, or are numbers perceived differently than print in dream state. :? (just to clarify, numbers as in 1,2,3,4, not roman numberals) What do you think!

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Re: Reality check, do numbers work?

Postby Highlander » 22 Jan 2014 16:05

It might happen a reality check not working. With this, i mean, the check being similar in the dream as in reality. I suggest having an extra 1 or 2 reality checks.
For me, i always use the finger counting on the hand. I always have 6 or 7 fingers. But sometimes it happens me having 5 fingers. So, i use an extra reality checks. Jumping, or falling to the floor or even counting the fingers on my feet.

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Re: Reality check, do numbers work?

Postby lightSleeper » 23 Jan 2014 01:29

I'll definitely add the hand trick to my checks. I used to love that one! I can't believe I didn't think of using a few checks. Jumping works well for me as well... too bad jumping at work in real life attracts too mcuh attention... :P Thanks for the tip!

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Re: Reality check, do numbers work?

Postby Xtreme_Walrus » 30 Jan 2014 07:41

My favorite one personally is the pinching of the nose and trying to breathe through it. It doesn't attract too much attention either. I pair that up with finger count usually.
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Re: Reality check, do numbers work?

Postby Jigsaw79 » 22 Apr 2014 13:27

I don't know if it would work as a reality check for you, but whenever I read the time in my dreams, it includes times such as 68:72.
Xtreme_Walrus wrote:My favorite one personally is the pinching of the nose and trying to breathe through it. It doesn't attract too much attention either. I pair that up with finger count usually.

I don't know if that one would work for me, because about a year ago I had trouble breathing in my dreams and so I had to wake up. Probably a stuffed nose, though. But it kept happening.
Also, is pinching a good reality check? Because I pinch my arm to see if I can feel pain. Usually when I pinch my arm in my dream I feel something, but not pain. So I do it more, and it confirms that I am in fact in a dream.

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Re: Reality check, do numbers work?

Postby imaginecinema » 24 Apr 2014 21:43

I have a four step reality check:

I try to imagine a door in the middle of the room, thinking to myself that I can make it appear right there. If I'm in a dream, this will happen. I also try to imagine a black X appearing on the nearest wall, imagining a black circle being in the middle of my palm, and then I do the finger count. That way if I forget one of the steps, I'll have three more to help me out, and also, because I normally forget I'm dreaming because I don't have a set agenda for what I want to do, I use the door that I visualized and walk through it to wherever I want to go.

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Re: Reality check, do numbers work?

Postby taniaaust1 » 25 Apr 2014 00:08

Looking at clocks, watches or trying to use a cell phone can be good reality checks but I wouldnt suggest doing it in the way you are currently doing it as I think that could be setting it up to fail.
The way you are currently doing it is like kind of setting yourself up for failure as when you look at your watch during daily life, I suspect when you are looking at it focused, you are probably in fact expecting it to be how it is in real life and as you are looking at it often, you are programming into your subconciousness that it will all appear normal to you so that is how it will probably appear. How can you not have this expectation some by now seeing you've done it so many times without it working?

When I used clocks, phones or watches for reality checking. Im using them in a way in which I havent programmed myself to be looking and probably seeing them as they normally are. I wouldnt use one of those objects as a tool at all for programming myself to reality check in a dream (which is what you are doing is doing). Instead when I use such an object for reality checking, I'll only be using it as its appeared in what may be a dream and is just there at the time when Im thinking "what reality check shall I try?" (that check thou could be okay as part of a group of regular checks you do at times of the day but just not alone in this way).

With 2 weeks of reality checking in that way of every 20 mins and seeing your watch doing its normal thing time and time again. I personally think by this point it would have a very slim chance that even if you are dreaming of it appearing different, you are so used to seeing it in this manner by now, its now a habit for you to focus on it and see it appear normal. (maybe in the future this check would have better chance of working but more so in the way Ive suggested and not as a regular thing you are doing all the time). I suggest at that point to avoid the check you are doing for the reason I've explained...

If you want to regularly reality check, do something like looking around you trying to spot "strange/weird things" which shouldnt be there in real life or study your hand (something which isnt a normal real life action to be doing), try to breathe holding your nose (which is another not normal real life action). Try doing abnormal actions for this kind of regular reality checking. Or you could jump, genuniely trying to touch the ceiling, see how high you can jump. (Im finding it hard to explain why these other things are suitable checks but what you are doing in the way you are doing probably isnt).

When you truely think you could be in a dream thou, something like looking at a clock or watch can be a good check. (at that point you do have the belief and lack of expectation of the clock/watch working right).
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