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Postby Jackson » 27 Jan 2014 19:23

For those of you who have read Robert Waggoner's progidous book " Lucid Dreaming:Gateway to the Inner-self", you will remember something mentioned in his book, the intra-conciousness.

For those of you who have not, this so-called "intra-conciousness" is basically a shared awareness or shared conciousness. You may have heard it refered to in my "Realiy Debate " post and to discuss this intra-conciousness (IC) is the purpose of this topic.

What is it, does it exist, what role might it play and can we learn things from it, are aLl questions I would like to answer.

I do have evidence of the IC in one story when I was a child and a recent dream story posted in Dream Charcters. The story of when I was a child goes like this; I am 12 years old. I take my dog for walks every day. One incredibly windy day in late October, I, yet again find myself exploring the woods around my neighbourhood. I am in an area I have never been before, somewhere along the river. I am walking when all of a sudden, I see something awesome; an island in the middle of the river! I quickly find a way to get over to it and I am enjoying the strange yet blissful respite from the bitterly cold wind when suddenly I feel this most incredible sense of fear and I know, in that moment, I must get off this island NOW. There was Jo reason for me to get this feeling, as I was relaxed, daydreaming and I could hardly hear the noisy wind, but I hurried, impulsively following that feeling. I was off the island for maybe 3 seconds when I heard this massive crash behind me, on the island. I looked around and I saw this massive branch that had detached soundlessly from 50 feet above me. It was lying down exactly where I sat. If I had not moved, I would have surely been killed by that I felt another foreign emotion come to me; relief. I say foreign because both of these feelings seemed to not come from me, but from other presence ( The tree , I believe) on the island. And ever since, I have had this "sixth sense" which is to be able to "sense" life and where it is, and it's "power". I have about a success rate of 90% with using this sense to determine both how many living things are in a room! what type of living thing and how many.

Sound interesting? Please post below to let me know.

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