Was this a lucid dream?

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Was this a lucid dream?

Postby callofgaming » 29 Jan 2014 18:01

So, I week back I had a lucid dream. I was lying in a very dark room. A voice shouted: Are you dreaming? I was about to push my fingers through my other palm to do a reality check when I woke up. I got super excited and then it happened again in a couple days. Although, this wasn't quite a luid dream. I was still lying in the dark room, but this time I managed to reality check. I then got up. But for some reason, I wasn't lucid! In the dream I passed the fingers through my palm again like 5 times, because I thought it was so cool that I could do that, but I still didn't become lucid. What is wrong here? Anybody help plz. ;)

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Re: Was this a lucid dream?

Postby Goldkoron » 29 Jan 2014 18:26

The first dream was a lucid dream. Unfortunately you were too excited and woke up upon reaching the revelation. The second one does not seem to have been a lucid dream, unless you were aware you were dreaming. We sometimes do weird things in our lucid dreams which we would not do if fully aware.
Do a reality check

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Re: Was this a lucid dream?

Postby HAGART » 30 Jan 2014 05:53

There's this thing called, 'Falling asleep in a lucid dream'. We can be lucid one moment and then lose it and get caught in the moment of the dream and think it's real again. It happens to the best of us and don't get me started on false awakenings. They dupe me almost all the time! It's like my lucid switch just gets turned off and I assume I'm awake or that I am experiencing reality and not dreaming anymore.

It happens, but hey, a little lucid is still awesome and means more to come.

(I've had dreams in which I move objects around with my mind and cleaned up an entire room! But I wasn't lucid because I thought it was real. I thought my 'lucid powers' came to life. It happens and I get duped sometimes. But just have fun dreaming and see if it happens again and maybe you won't be fooled again.)
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