astral projection help

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astral projection help

Postby Resin8ion » 29 Jan 2014 22:13

Hi learning to astral project, I can get my body to feel heavy and very relaxed but i'm really struggling with visualisation techniques such as the third eye in fact all I see while I'm relaxed is just blackness behind my eyes and not a lot else. I also struggle with the urge not to swallow saliva which I just can't resist. I did have an attempt last Sunday were I felt my right arm being pulled upwards while my body felt super heavy but even then I could not visualise anything behind my eyes. I had a go at the roll method last night but once I'm relaxed and heavy I can't seem do much else. Any advice for a beginner would be great and much appreciated as I would really like achieve an astral projection I do know it takes time it's took me just over three weeks to get the heavy body feeling so I'm happy to learn and take as much time is needed.


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Re: astral projection help

Postby Goldkoron » 29 Jan 2014 22:24

I'll tell you now, that not many of us believe in Astral Projection on this forum, and that it is only a WILD. This does not mean I have not tried to do it to experience the phenomena. Some people do not experience hypnagogic illusions or sounds when falling asleep, I am included in this. Making Astral Projection or WILD very very difficult. If you have the problem with swallowing, you just have to let yourself swallow and slowly relax. It can take an hour to reach weird stuff.
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Re: astral projection help

Postby Summerlander » 31 Jan 2014 11:34

Another thing: Are you having pre-sleeps? It will really help you if you have around 6 hours sleep prior to induction in the morning. Sleep first, get up and engage in some activity for about half an hour (read about lucid dreaming or astral projection if you like) and then return to bed with the intention to reach the desired state.

If you want to practice during the day, pre-naps will do. The OOBE-separation technique must be done without thinking to much about it and when strange sensations, such as vibrations, sounds, or images - reach a peak. You can wilfully amplify these.

If you wish to induce the state during the day, a pre-nap will do in order to get you physiologically primed. Alternatively, but this is a bit hit and miss, you can become lucid in a dream. The sensation of being out-of-body will be there because you will not feel your sleeping body and your senses tell you that you're somewhere else. Most people in this site take that to be nothing more than a mental illusion though.

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Re: astral projection help

Postby taniaaust1 » 21 Feb 2014 09:06

Ive never mixed visualisation with AP as I think its more likely to lead to an LD.

I find that to trigger APs.. just doing energy raising AP exercises can help. Denning and Phillips have a whole AP program in a book which is great and takes one throu various stages to achieve an AP (by learning how to use your energy to do so). Its how I had all my first AP experiences. The book is called "Astral Projection, The out of body experience"

Think about why you want to do AP.. would LD be just as suitable to achieve whatever you are wanting to experience? Which one which is best aimed for all depends on what you want to do with it. If you want to just have adventures and fun.. LD is just as good and may be even better. If you are wanting to spy on someone :twisted: .. or use it to see real things .. well AP is better. It can be hard to switch between these two as they are slightly different states of being, with AP if you dont want it to be a LD or a tainted AP where one gets both astral awareness at the same time as dreaming a bit...
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