A creepy dream of my friend

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A creepy dream of my friend

Postby bubs » 04 Feb 2014 03:06

My friend told me about a dream of hers that was pretty odd so i asked her if i should run it by you guys to get it interpreted.

She said that is started with her and her former classmates rushing onto a subway to go on a picnic or something. when they reached their stop everyone started running to the gathering but she thought she forgot her bag somewhere but it turns out she hadn't. once she got to the gathering (she couldn't find her 2 friends) she suddenly woke up. it was a false awakening and she was still in the dream. she heard someone in the other room so she thought that her mom stood home or something and then when she opened the door there was a white haired man there. She also saw her grandma tucking her family into her moms bed. :?:

She was kind of transported to this place with a bunch of construction workers and she happened to have a box of stones (she happened to pick them up in the park the night before). The workers walked up to her and started saying how cool the stones were. Her grandma popped up there and and she walked up to my friend, set her hand on her shoulder and started to say something but her vision suddenly had that negative effect you can put on cameras and a bunch of red letters were on the corner of her vision. Everyone who was there disappeared and she heard a raspy voice behind her. the person set his hands on the side of her head and started breathing on her ear when he abruptly snapped her neck.

As you can see this dream brought up some suspicion with her so we would like to know anything about what it could mean.

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Re: A creepy dream of my friend

Postby tpratt » 20 Jun 2014 20:59

Well I know dreaming of your own death signifies a want to escape the demands of your daily life (maybe a certain responsibility or bad situation) and carrying stones means inner strength you didn't know you had about to emerge. So whatever this situation she wants to escape from is, she either has the strength to escape it or to overcome it. Dreaming in negative implies emotional detachment, which she may be purposely doing to avoid being sop overwhelmed by this situation.

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Re: A creepy dream of my friend

Postby Uvita Henville » 15 Jul 2014 14:21


The best thing for your friend to do is make a note of her dream like you have done on here, writing down each symbol, for example classmates, rushing onto a subway, picnic, snapping her neck etc. Ask her if she could ask herself what each symbol mean to her. You see what picnic means to her or even the snapping of neck may be different to what it means to someone else. We all go through different life experiences and therefore the contents of dreams will be different for each individual. There is a really good website that shows you how to analyse your dreams for free. www.dreamingisspiritual.co.uk



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