Galantamine+Choline Sleep Paralysis Ringing Ears

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Galantamine+Choline Sleep Paralysis Ringing Ears

Postby entropy13 » 05 Feb 2014 23:25

Im new to this site, and have been studying/attempting the lucid dreaming thing for about 3 months now. I came across a lot of sites talking about supplements (mainly Galantamine and Choline) so I ordered some and did the wake back to bed method (8mg Galantamine and 600mg Choline) I did not have a lucid dream but it was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had in my life and I have vivid dreams on a regular basis (before and after the lucid dream fascination) Before I get to my question, let me just say that ever since ive been really into trying to LD, Ive been noticing that its as if my subconscious is trying to send me messages in my dreams, for instance: the first time i noticed it, i dreamed that i was in Arkansas (i live in texas) and i suddenly realized that i had a blood donation appointment scheduled for the next day (in real life i really did) i started to panic a little knowing that there was no way i would make it back in time to go to the appt. then i started thinking about my husband and kids who were not even thought of in the dream up until then and then woke up. Next dream in question (this one is funny) : to make a long story short, there i was on a subway train, on my way to who knows where when i notice a woman with a microphone standing about ten feet away from me start to sing a song, and it goes like this: "I dont want to be your dream girl, I just want to be your reality" then i wake up. Next dream: im reliving this movie like experience that feels very familiar, it felt like i had seen it all before except i remembered my part being played by someone else originally. Then the part comes where im being dressed up (to impress someone) and i was given a pair of blue chalcedony earrings. Here is the strange part though, they were already my earrings. I own them in real life (they are my favorite pair). When she gave them to me i knew immediately that they existed in the real world and i started crying. I didnt reach lucidity because i didnt question that i was dreaming but i was conscious of the real world. Anyways there are a few other instances but ill get back to the point. In every one of those dreams (except the singing woman) the only thing that seems to be the same about them is the real world being brought into play and every time i notice it i feel this kind of uncanny realization when it happens but i cant seem to get past that point. Anyways back to the supplement part, I have done the supplement thing twice now and both times i woke up like im supposed to, took the pills, stayed awake for 30 minutes and went back to sleep. Both times i awoke about 30 minutes to an hour later with a loud loud electricity like ringing in my ears. I have heard that this is very reminiscent of an out of body experience or sleep paralysis. Ive never had an obe before but i have experienced sleep paralysis before and it was terrifying. This was not the case with the supplements though. It was just very loud ringing/pulsing noise that would get louder and then softer and then louder again with small pauses triggered by a popping sound. What is this? I was not scared, actually it was quite the opposite, i was very interested in what was going on. I guess there was some paralysis involved which i was able to snap out of by moving my fingers but other than that it was no problem. Can someone tell me if it was the beginning of an obe or lucid dream and how to proceed from this point to reach either one? Thanks for hearing me out. As i said i am a newbie but i love this stuff and would be the happiest person on the planet if i can perfect it. Havent done the reality checks much but i have been practicing it more very recently. Will this really help? Thanks guys

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Re: Galantamine+Choline Sleep Paralysis Ringing Ears

Postby LucidityMaster » 22 Aug 2014 02:20

Hey, LucidityMaster here,

Once you reach conscious sleep paralysis, you should perform the following steps:

1- imagine a separate dream body

2- concentrate on rolling or floating into this body.

This will take you into an OBE dream, and is the easiest way to enter the lucid dream world with the WILD technique.

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