sleep paralysis question

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sleep paralysis question

Postby entropy13 » 12 Feb 2014 04:53

I have been using Galantamine/Choline as a lucid dream supplement for a couple weeks now (once every 3 days) and doing the wake back to bed method. I had my first lucid dream the last time i did it but it only lasted a second after i realized i was dreaming, i understand that this is normal in the beginning but my question is related to the sleep paralysis that happens every time i use the supplements. I wake up at 2:30am, take the pills (8mg galantamine, and 600mg choline) then stay awake for 30 minutes reading and go back to bed. it takes a little bit to fall asleep but after i do i soon wake up to a loud pulsating ringing noise in my head and find that it is extremely hard to move. does anyone else experience this? it happens every time like clockwork. i dont get scared because i used to experience this alot (without supplements) and it scared the hell out of me so i researched it and that seemed to help with the anxiety and fear when it would happen after that. I have only experienced the ringing once before i started taking the supplements and im pretty sure it was the beginning of an out of body experience. so are the two (sleep paralysis and OBE) the same thing? and am i even really awake when it happens? i would love to hear your ideas on this. im still pretty new to the lucid dreaming thing:)

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Re: sleep paralysis question

Postby mereobservation » 15 Feb 2014 16:20

Hi Entropy13, I have the exact same thing. I've suffered on and off from sleep paralysis for a long time, but I rarely get it these days. However, I've also tried out the galantamine + choline cocktail and had very similar experience to yours. I think if you notice, the 'WILD' method of trying to lucid dream is to let your body fall asleep while keeping your mind conscious for the most part. So, you descend into sleep while staying semi-awake in your mind - to me, this is nearly the same thing as sleep paralysis. So basically, it looks you (like me) have accidentally stumbled into the WILD method without trying to!
SP and OBE are NOT the same thing. However, in my experience, OBE CAN happen right after SP. In my case (again, this is with the galantamine) what happened was this: I could feel my body falling asleep...limbs getting heavier...almost like lead is pumping through your veins....getting the pulsating noises, etc (to me it's like I can hear my blood rushing through my veins). Then had a period of SP, and right after that I could feel my body lifting up out of my body. It's a hard thing to try to describe, but you can actually feel yourself detach from your body - for me, it's like rising up. You are totally weightless and floating and can definitely tell you are not in your physical body anymore. It's really freaky at first, because you panic and just jump right back in! At the very last, I could see this person (definitely a man) standing right over me next to the bed, and he literally reached inside me and flung me out of my body. It seemed very very dark, and as he literally threw me out of my body, I was just sort of spinning around in the air (like if you imagine what it would be like to be up in a spaceship, with no gravity, just sort of spinning in different directions). The man then disappeared and I started to panic because I couldn't get control of my body spinning around and also I couldn't see anything as it was so dark. Next thing I knew I was back in my body and woke up immediately. After that I just sort of 'knew' that the night's activities were over and I went back to sleep. I strongly believe that for us people who get SP, we need to sort of go through this process to get to the lucid dream....I just didn't get there all the way!

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Re: sleep paralysis question

Postby taniaaust1 » 27 Mar 2014 09:56

entropy13 wrote: so are the two (sleep paralysis and OBE) the same thing? and am i even really awake when it happens?

No its not the same thing.. sleep paralyses is just the state of ones body being asleep while ones mind is still awake. It can happen before either an OBE or before a LD.
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Re: sleep paralysis question

Postby kylepk7 » 10 Apr 2014 06:52

Sounds right.

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