A very strange dream experience

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A very strange dream experience

Postby BrightGrey » 16 Feb 2014 12:28

I've always believed there is more to this world than Western science would have us believe. But if I was to choose one experience above any others I've had that convinces me of this it’s a dream I had in 2004. This wasn't what I would consider a lucid dream. I regularly (as in 3 or 4 times a year) have classic lucid dreams where objects are brighter and more colourful, detailed and luminescent than in real life and I’m fully aware I’m dreaming, even to the point of being able to keep the dream going (if it’s pleasant) using certain techniques. An example of a lucid dream I had is below. I recorded it the following day in my dream journal. Here’s the excerpt from my journal:

“Just before waking this morning I had a lucid dream that was strikingly simple for its clarity and detail. I was sitting in a café at a table that was a few yards from another table positioned by a large open window where two young women were seated. It was morning and the sun was pouring through the window. I could feel the brightness and warmth of the sun and was fully aware of the background noise of the café and people chattering around me. As I watched one of the women chatting animatedly with her friend I noticed a single loose strand of hair on top of her head as the sunlight bounced off it. I watched this strand of hair gently dance in the sunlight as she moved her head while talking to her friend. I could also see tiny specs of dust floating in the air as they were thrown up by the movement around us. As I looked more closely I noticed not all the specs were dust. Some were tiny insects catching the sunlight as they flew in and out of the café from outside. All the time I was fully aware I was dreaming and was just observing what was going on around me puzzling over how my mind could be producing these apparently random images which had a life of their own and didn't seem in any way to be orchestrated by me”.

The following dream wasn't like the one above. I wasn't aware I was dreaming at the time and had no control over it. For me, this dream was more like an out of body experience. I went to bed as normal and was woken in the early hours of the morning by a terrifying dream. In the dream I was standing on a beach looking out to sea. The beach was wide and sandy and the weather was warm and sunny with clear blue skies broken only by the occasional cloud. I remember thinking what a perfect summer day it was. As I looked far out to sea I noticed a swell building up about a mile out. I stood staring at it for a few seconds baffled as to what could cause it as there was no wind and the weather was perfectly calm. Then I realised the swell was slowly moving closer to the shore and became uneasy. I was about to get off the beach when the swell suddenly disappeared and the sea returned to normal. I gave a sigh of relief as I continued looking out to sea. Seven or eight seconds later another swell appeared at exactly the same spot a mile out from the shore. I watched it again, not really believing what I was seeing and half expecting it to disappear after a few seconds like the first one had. But this time it kept growing and getting closer. The closer it got the faster it appeared to be moving towards the shore until it was only a couple of hundred meters out and was 2 meters high. With a feeling of horror I suddenly realised I had left it too late to run. I turned round and saw white beach chalet type buildings 30 or 40 feet behind me and realised I was going to get smashed against them when the wave hit me. Knowing I had left it too late to escape I just crouched down in a foetal position waiting for it to hit me. As it hit me, rather than being knocked back by the sheer force as I expected, I remained fixed to the spot and can still remember the deafening roar the water made as it rushed by me on all sides. After a few seconds I even dared to peek up from my foetal position to see this mass of water rushing past above my head and to my left and right. At this point I woke up shouting. My wife, who had been asleep beside me, was woken by my shouting. I apologised for waking her and told her I’d had a bad dream. I can’t say with any accuracy what the time was. I regret not checking my watch, but it was dark and I was still half asleep. I'd gone to bed at 11:00PM and it felt like I'd been asleep at least 3 hours so my guess is it was 2:00AM or maybe 3:00AM. But in all honesty it could have been anywhere from 1:0AM to 5:00AM. You're probably thinking it's just an odd and scary dream to have. It’s only when I tell people this dream happened in the early hours of Boxing Day morning 2004 that it becomes even more puzzling. When I woke up on 26th December 2004 at 8:30AM and switched on the TV I was stunned to see every channel reporting the news of the south-east Asian Tsunami. I stood pointing at the TV saying to my wife "That's what I was dreaming last night when I woke up shouting!". Seeing the amateur video footage taken by tourists in Thailand of the wave crashing on to the beach sent a shiver down my spine. Just like my dream, the videos showed a beautiful sunny beach with blue skies as the wave came in. Later I learnt there had been two waves, the second one being the more destructive. It happened at 9:00AM in Thailand, which would have been 2:00AM in the UK as Thailand is 7 hours ahead of us. It's quite possible this is the exact time I had the dream. For anyone not familiar with the event, it was one of the most destructive tsunamis ever recorded, killing over 230,000 people in fourteen countries.

I can't explain why I had this dream on that particular night. I'd never dreamed about tsunamis before. I wasn't even sure what a tsunami was at the time which is why I was confused in the dream when I saw the sea swelling up in the way it did on such a calm, sunny day. It's as if part of my dream consciousness was able to pick up this information thousands of miles away or even go there to witness it. It was a few years later I heard someone on the radio talking about astral projection and linked the two. Whatever the explanation I don’t believe it was just coincidence. I should also mention I have strong ties with Thailand. My wife is from Thailand and her family all live there although she obviously lives in the UK with me. I have visited Thailand many times and love the people and the country. Me and my wife had only returned from visiting Thailand six weeks before the dream. Sadly, one of my wife’s old school friends was working in a hotel on Phi-Phi island the morning the Tsunami hit. At the moment it hit her mobile phone stopped working. She was never seen again and her body was never found.

One last thing, although I don’t recall specifically thinking the beach I was standing on in the dream was in Thailand, after I fell back to sleep I had a second dream. In the second dream I was in definitely in Thailand riding on a tuk-tuk driven by someone else. The tuk-tuk driver pulled out from a side turning into the main flow of traffic and because he pulled into the middle of the traffic travelling in the same direction another moped rider had to swerve right to avoid him. We saw the moped rider hurtle across the road into oncoming traffic and then into the concrete area at the front of a shop. He was thrown from the moped and killed. We carried on driving and pulled over further down the road. We were told by passing police officers that a terrible accident had happened down the road. The police said lot of people had been killed. The two dreams seem linked in an odd way but I can't fully explain why I feel this.

I’d be interested to hear other people’s thoughts.

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Re: A very strange dream experience

Postby TillyPink » 17 Feb 2014 01:42

I'm so sorry about your wife's friend.

An amazing synchronistic dream...not even prophetic as it is possible the tsunami was happening as you were dreaming. Have you heard of the scientist Rupert Sheldrake? I was pointed in his direction a couple of times this week and i think maybe his work might interest you too with this dream in mind. I'm looking forward to researching him more.

I would say that i doubt you were the only one that tapped into the tsunami that night...when an event this big happens in the world, i think, being that we are all connected on some level that Rupert Sheldrake could explain better then me, that these major events effect us on an unconscious level.

I think for you, it was more prominent because of your connections with Thailand. For instance, when i have had these prophetic or synchronistic connections in dreams, they have happened when there has been a personal connection...but like i say, major events seem more able to tap into the collective consciousness...

Re astral projection...maybe? I'm not sure where i stand on this phenomenon...I would think it to be possible to perceive being in another place at another time, but I don't see this as being literal...rather, as part of the dream sequence and a perceived separation...ie you visit there in your mind. And that is just as 'real'. But i wouldn't want to dismiss it. On a smaller level, i have had a similar experience where i have felt like i visited a situation in a dream which i became an observer to, only to find out it was happening while i was dreaming it lucidly.

Thanks for sharing such a fascinating story (even though connected to such tragic events)...it has motivated me to do more research on this subject.

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Re: A very strange dream experience

Postby torakrubik » 17 Feb 2014 03:40

Very peculiar.

Whilst I am open minded to precognition in dreams, I'd probably put this one down to coincidence. Of all the millions of dreams that people dreamt that night, a few were bound to be about tsunamis. Though the detail about the beach and sky does make this case quite striking. Who knows?
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Re: A very strange dream experience

Postby taniaaust1 » 21 Feb 2014 02:16

I always get the time when I have stand out dreams such as one like that nowdays. Ive seen things to come in my dreams but in my case its prophetic .. I can usually know when the event is to occur due to my dreams like this usually occur 3 days before the event. These dreams often feel "different" to me then my usual ones and leave me with a feeling a dread after them when I wake up.

I had a dream or what I thought may of been an AP, in which I saw the Katherine Floods, Australia (which killed people) a few days before it occurred. In my dream I was at a shop which is really there in real life and was talking about these floods to the store keeper (a person who was really the store keeper). Its like as we talked about it in the dream, I saw images in my mind dream.. I then saw these same images on the TV 3 days later when the flood occurred.


I had a dream of a town which was endangered by a bushfire. In my dream there was a guy going down the street in a white ute with someone standing on the back with a hand held loudspeaker given the fire warning danger announcement. In this dream I heard the name of the small country town, it was a strange aussie aboriginal name I'd never heard of. 3 days later there was a big bushfire and it hit the town I'd dreamed about (but had never heard of before that dream).


Another dream I had was of a fire and in this dream I was trying to save a little girl. In my dream no matter where I tried to go to excape the fire, the flames of it got her. It was a terrible nightmare. A few days later.. I saw on the news there had been a fire which had killed a few people.. one of them was the child Id been attempting to save in my dream.

All these dreams were of things which happened in Australia where I are (for some strange reason I dont seem to dream about disasters overseas).

I had another one of those dreams which Im sure was a "real" dream ("feeling" real dream..the kind of my dreams which are real) but this is the only one which I was left not having the proof it was real afterwards. In my dream I was on the ground watching a plane flying above me, its engine thou started to cut out and the plane ended up crashing. I didnt end up seeing the plane I saw on the news 3 days later so cant prove that dream was real (I dont always watch the news) but Im positive it was real what I saw. I dont know where the plane I saw was from (if it was a plane I recognised I would of been able to try to look it up if there had been a crash with that plane company).

I had a dream of a tornado (but I wasnt aware this one was one of my real dreams).. interesting there was a small whirlwind which then ended up being in our local paper (I cant remember if it happened next day or my normal 3 days thing)...the first time thou it Id ever Ive heard of this happening my area and I'd lived there for 40 years. In real life it destroyed some sheds and blew a huge rainwater tank down a main road and knocked over trees...fortunately no one was hurt with it. In my dream thou it was exaggerated, looking huge and scary.


The big 2004 Tsunami.

I didnt dream of it (as I said I do not dream of disasters outside of my country so far) but I knew something very big and very horrid was going to happen in Indonesia. I had a soul mate staying with me from England for 12 weeks and from Australia his plan was to go to Indonesia and go surfing before he headed back to England. I stopped him from going to Indonesia as I got frantic everytime he spoke about doing so and told him if he went, something very horrible would happen to him, I feared for his life if he went as something "very bad" would occur..it was like a doom hung over him when he spoke of going to Indonesia.. fortunately he trusted my judgement as he was aware I'd be very right about things before, so cancelled his plans and instead booked the plane ticket straight back to England instead. Very lucky he did as otherwise he would of been in Indonesia staying in one of the places by the surfing beaches when that Tsumani hit. He thanked me for his life after that occurred.


I thou wasnt so lucky. I had one of "feelings' (not a dream).. when I planned to go interstate to do some study with one of my energy teachers. Some others from my state were catching a plane over to the class, cause of my feeling that something bad was going to happen to me travelling over there, I said I wouldnt be going with them on the plane as I said I thought there was going to be a crash I was in. So I thought a train may be safer. Issue was I couldnt avoid this thing..the moment it was time to go and a friend was seeing me off at the train, I suddenly knew I havent avoided it.. I started almost crying.. my friend hopped on the train with me till it took off to try to calm me telling me my feeling could be wrong... I then ended up being in the Glenbrook train disaster which killed 6-7 people in the Blue Mountains (fortunately I only ended up with whiplash again). What a disaster. This leaves me to wonder what would of happened if I caught the plane? would I then not been in a disaster or would of the plane instead crashed. Fate is an interesting thing.

A female in my carriage who cracked her head in the crash (she was in the toilet at the time standing).. she also had forewarning of it and later while we were waiting for the ambulances told me she'd dreamed it would crash.

Dreams or feelings.. warnings should be heeded if one can heed them.
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