First "Full" Lucid Dream: Encounter with a Minotaur

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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First "Full" Lucid Dream: Encounter with a Minotaur

Postby Philemon » 16 Feb 2014 19:45

Hi All!

I had my first full-blown lucid dream last night after years and years of trying to have one. Recently, I've come closer and closer. There have been more and more incongruent things occurring in my dreams that would make me suspicious and I'd begin to wonder if I was dreaming... but last night I fully realized I was dreaming for the first time and was able to make some use of that awareness (I'm attributing my recent ability to do so to a more regular meditation practice mixed with affirmations prior to sleeping).

The dream began as a regular, non-lucid dream. Some sort of environmental or ecological disaster had taken place near where I live and everything had been reduced to mostly flooded areas broken up by areas where land jutted out. There was ice and snow, too, if I remember correctly (there's been a lot of that lately). Houses were abandoned and in various states of disrepair. I had found an underground cave that I was spending much of my time in and I was meditating there, or just living some sort of life of simple contemplation there. One night a bunch of "white trash" sorts of people found the cave and came in and decided to camp out there. When they left, they left behind a lot of empty containers of chewing tobacco and Doritos bags - stuff like that. I decided to leave and go see what else was going on out in the world. I suddenly find myself at my grandmother's house. It is empty and in disrepair like the other houses. The front door is missing and there is no electricity - there are no artificial lights anywhere. It's like the electrical grid has been totally destroyed. I see that a little girl is about to enter the house and I decide I'm going to use a particularly low, gravelly voice and stomp my feet and try to scare her off but it doesn't work. She looks at me like I'm being silly. I say, "What are you doing here - this is my grandma's house." She replies, "No it isn't - I live here now." I realize that my grandmother is either dead or has fled and that it really doesn't matter if the girl stays there or not. I walk outside to see how the rest of the area is coping...

...then I bump into a white minotaur. It is staring intently at me, completely focused on me. I look away and then back and he is still there. I feel intimidated and want to flee, but I know that won't work. Now I become lucid and realize this is a dream.

I ask, "What is your name?" and the minotaur responds with something that sounds like, "Theezou." I'm not sure I understand what he says, so I ask again, "Huh? - what was that?" and he says, "What?" and I feel like he is trying to avoid answering my question, so I ask more forcefully, "WHAT IS YOUR NAME!?" and again, in an almost cartoonish voice, he says, "Theezou!" This doesn't make any sense, so I just ask, "What does that mean?" and he responds, almost sadly, "I don't know what to want."

Since I've been practicing mindfulness meditation lately, I think to myself, "Huh - a guy who can't bring himself to become attached to anything can't be all bad" so I invite Theezou to walk around with me. We bump into two other people I feel I know very well. I remain aware that I'm dreaming, but this minotaur creature feels completely like his own being - so do the other two people I meet. They do their own thing. I don't control them. The one guy comes across as someone I have talked with on the Skeptiko forum about lucid dreaming. He seems to be conveying to me, telepathically, "See!? - I told you this stuff is real!"

As I think more about the fact that I'm dreaming I say, "Well, I ought to be able to fly if this is a dream - but it all seems pretty real to me." (Everything is very real at this point - things look very, very real and my body feels very, very real). However, as I consider flying, my body floats up into the air. Me, the minotaur, and the two other guys all hold hands and we are hovering there - floating. Someone decides that we should go to McDonald's. We begin to float up into the sky, chanting "We're going to McDonald's!" but there are electrical wires in the way. I try to float higher to get above them, but we end up going through them. As we do, my dream body is infused with blueish-white light and feels invigorated. We go through several of these wires and I wonder to myself, "Wow - I would have thought a situation like this would wake me up - I can't believe I am still asleep!" However, after maybe five or ten seconds later the dream deteriorates, looking cartoon-like... my physical senses begin to return and then I find myself in bed.

I can't tell you how excited I was when I woke up! I've been trying for years to have a lucid dream and now I've finally had a complete one. I've become suspicious of dreams in the past, but never fully enough to know it was a dream and to state it to myself in the dream. This time I finally did that - and was able to exploit that awareness to confront the minotaur and to fly.

When I woke up it was 3 am. I immediately got on my tablet and started looking up stuff about minotaurs. One thing that was astounding to me is that the myth about the minotaur is called "Theseus and the Minotaur." If I've ever read this myth, it was probably in high school (about 15 years ago, now) during my world religions course. If anyone had asked me, prior to this morning, what the hero's name was in the myth I could have never told you it was Theseus. Theezou/Theseus. Interesting...

Beyond this, the Jungians and others have had a heyday with the minotaur. They view him as a symbol of the unconscious itself. I never knew this. If you type in "lucid dream" and "minotaur" you will see all these accounts of people fighting minotaurs and running away from minotaurs - but I managed to keep it together and respectfully communicate with him. My take away from the dream is that my unconscious is saying to me, "You're the one who has to guide me. Tell me what the gameplan is - show me what you want."

Interesting stuff! I feel really invigorated today. Maybe it was from flying through all those "power lines" - haha!

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Re: First "Full" Lucid Dream: Encounter with a Minotaur

Postby JonSnowLD » 16 Feb 2014 22:52

First of all congratulations on your LD!

the minotaur does sound very interesting! did you feel threatened by it at any point? I know if I came face to face with one, I would probably freak out ;)

Hehe I remember I got caught up in some of those power lines above train tracks in my last LD-I ended up following the tracks and flew straight through a brick wall and everything went black! :/ not my intended destination like ;)
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Re: First "Full" Lucid Dream: Encounter with a Minotaur

Postby LucidLink » 17 Feb 2014 01:49

Wow, what an amazing experience! Congrats, and its very good you didn't fight the minotaur. You made the right choice from the beginning, that's great! Keep it up :)

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Re: First "Full" Lucid Dream: Encounter with a Minotaur

Postby TillyPink » 17 Feb 2014 02:04

What an AMAZING first 'full' lucid dream! Just wow.

I was actually itching all the way through reading it when it got to the meeting with the minotaur that this is so blooming archetypal. And when you were asking him his name and he said Theezou, immediately thought of Theseus and the Minotaur! Only to find you then did your own research anyway :)

I also loved that he said 'I don't know what to want' Rather then 'I don't know what I want' such a beautiful subtle play on words...interestingly in a sad voice...

And of course the one thing that stood out for me was that this here dream minotaur was symbolic in itself. It sent shivers down my spine the way he looked right at you. My feeling is that through the work you have done, and the meditation practice, you tapped straight into the very stuff that Jung wrote of. You've befriended your unconscious - the shadowland of the underworld - perhaps, through meditation... You said that you never knew that the Minotaur was a symbol of the entire paradigm of the 'maze' of the unconscious...this was exactly Jung's point, that we tap into these collective archetypes without being directly pre-conditioned to them. We know that the story of the Minotaur was unconsciously remembered from school days, but having him appear in your first lucid dream...Jung called these Big Dreams...this was a bigger big dream because lucidity was your 'thread'.

And in the face of an ecological disaster, i'm pretty sure that the one food chain left standing would be McDonalds!!!! :lol: :twisted: Flying to MaccyD's with a white Minotour...Jung would be turning in his grave lol!

Loved the power lines too...i just think about those words...'power lines'. Again, apparent danger became energising. And interestingly in a place where power had been lost.

Thanks you SO much for sharing. How can you beat that one now? :D

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Re: First "Full" Lucid Dream: Encounter with a Minotaur

Postby taniaaust1 » 21 Feb 2014 02:40

thanks for sharing that LD. Congrats :D
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