Question/Expirement.. Becoming lucid with silent alarms?

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Question/Expirement.. Becoming lucid with silent alarms?

Postby esilemc00 » 19 Feb 2014 17:49

So what Ive been wondering about is..

If I set a silent alarm, like one that just vibrates/or is VERY quiet.. So not loud enough to wake me, but loud enough to make its way into my dream, do you think it could trigger lucidity? Say I tell myself before I go to sleep, that the vibrations mean I'm dreaming? And set the alarm for a time that based on like how long the stages of sleep last I SHOULD be dreaming right about then? Should that work? Or will I either ignore it completely or wake up? Tell me what you think, and maybe try it for yourself and tell me how it goes!

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Re: Question/Expirement.. Becoming lucid with silent alarms?

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Feb 2014 23:50

best way for anyone to know if something helps them or not is to actually just try it for themselves, as we are all different.

It could work.. esp since one feels vibrations at times just before one falls asleep.. so if you are expecting a vibration to come in, you may be more alert to the vibrations just before one falls asleep. Its likely thou to wake you up when the alarm goes off but that could be helpful anyway and you could have a LD when going back to sleep (esp since its broken your normal routine.. breaking normal routine can at times help to have a LD).
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Re: Question/Expirement.. Becoming lucid with silent alarms?

Postby DCellLucid » 20 Feb 2014 23:57

On my android phone I have an app called 'Awoken'. The app is quite useful - I'm not sure whether it has helped me in my lucid dream induction yet, but the concept is very similar to the one you're talking about. It prompts you a customisable number of times per day to do a reality check, and you have a 'totem' sound you can pick for it to play every time it prompts you to reality check. It then plays the 'totem' sound at a quiet volume several times during the night to try and get you to perform the same checks in your dreams. Check it out if you have an android phone, I'm sure there are similar apps for other platforms as well! Looking at some reviews several people have found the app to be beneficial! :)

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