A Memorable Dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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A Memorable Dream

Postby HAGART » 25 Feb 2014 21:51

I was in bed and had a sneaking suspicion that I was already asleep, so I jumped out of bed. I thought at first it was just a false alarm, but did a reality check anyway and looked at my hands. I forget exactly what was wrong, but I became lucid because of it. I left the room and thought about what I should do. I wanted to look at myself in a mirror and then press my face into it and merge with it, so I decided not to leave the house (as it worked last time). As I walked downstairs I pressed my right two fingers into my left palm and felt them sink in. I looked and could see my fingers protruding out the other side. The front entry was like a different house I use to live in and there was a mirror on the wall to the right. I looked in and saw my reflection, but I had a thick, brown beard. Not long, about an inch, but very thick (don't have one in real life). I pressed my face into it and saw the reflection's nose get pressed in as if it were on the other side of glass. I put my mouth on it and made a 'blowfish' and could see into my reflection's mouth, and noted how realistic and detailed it was. I think I saw food stuck in between one of its molars and I think the teeth were yellow. (It never occurred to me at the time that I shouldn't have been able to see in it's mouth from my vantage point). I then stopped and saw a smudge on it, so wiped it clean before leaving, thinking someone might get upset if I left it that way.

I left the house and attempted to fly. I could see some houses, and barns below and thought I could land anywhere and a story would ensue from there, so where shall I land? I had a false memory. I thought that a guy who said there was a talking goat that he knew of in real life, and I considered going to visit it, so I could know what he's talking about. I changed my mind, thinking, well, I could just do that when I'm awake... (D'oh!) I landed in, I think a parking lot, and walked into a building.

Inside it was like a restaurant, but more like a large food plaza or farmer's market. (I decided to interact with the DC's). I said something like, may I have your attention please, and everybody grew silent and looked in my direction. I said something like, "This is a lucid dream. You are all dream characters. Do you know who the dreamer is? It's me!" I saw a guy and asked, "do dream characters exist?" He said, "yes". (I thought, well of course. I didn't word that correctly. Of course dream characters exist. Here I am looking at one!).

Then I saw an Asian woman with a baby. I couldn't see the baby, but knew it was under wraps and strapped to her chest. ( I could just sense it). For some reason, I decided to kill her to see what happens. There was a ledge behind me, like being on the roof of a tall skyscraper 100s of stories up, and I pushed her to it, then I lifted her and shoved her right over. It was hundreds of stories up, so I held my fingers and thumb in a circle and looked through it as if it would magnify what I saw. I held it over her as she fell. (Not close to my eyes but just over the ledge. I then somehow was able to zoom in through my "hand-magnifier". (I may have used my other hand to expand it like using a desktop pad with two fingers. I saw her body smash into the ground. There was someone else nearby who enjoyed watching it, and they seemed like a younger, immature person, like a freshman from Highschool I use to know. I thought, you like that, eh? And I used 'The Force' to pick him up and fling him over too. I watched him fall and he was smacking against the wall as he fell and I think I saw blue blood. (Like my mind censoring it, because it's just a game, and I wasn't intending it to be gory). Then I sort of felt bad and thought, if they can do it, so should I. I was ready to end the dream anyway. I took a running jump and leaped over. It was exhilarating like a big drop on a roller coaster, but I didn't feel any sensation of my stomach in my throat. I was not falling directly down, but also going forward and I saw the rooftop of another building and thought I might land on it. I realized I was heading in the direction of my focus, where I was looking, and calmed myself knowing that I was in actuality remaining still and the visuals are just an illusion.

The dream faded, but I remained perfectly still just to see if I would re-enter. I saw some visions of a sort of live action Anime show, in a city. (Hard to explain). I had to remind myself to stay calm and not get too excited and think about what will happen, but simply focus on the present and let it happen. Then I felt like I was in bed. I felt my body sink about a foot or so. I saw my chest/blankets rise and fall as I breathed, but it was backwards. When I exhaled, my chest would rise, and when I inhaled, it would fall. I thought it must be the duality of perception, dream body and corporeal body. Then I felt another sort of a tug/fall/drop and commented to myself that it's very familiar to me now, but use to awaken me in the past and my brother wouldn't be able to LD the way I do, and will never understand.

I decided it was time and jumped out of bed again and did a reality check. I looked at my hands and noticed my right pinky was missing. It was as though my vision cut it short, like the rest of it was behind a blind spot, but it was cropped in a straight line.

I walked around my house, and my mother was in the kitchen. To get a reaction out of her, I took off all my clothes and said I was going to go outside for a walk. She didn't seem to notice. Then I thought, there's nobody outside at night where I live, so I said, I'm going to take the car (butt naked) and drive downtown. Again, she didn't seem to notice, nor care. I then left my 'house' and went outside.

Outside it was dark with city lights in the distance, but not skyscrapers, more like 2-4 stories high. I decided to fly and started to run down a street. I thought, this is not how to do it, and I've made this mistake before. I jumped and tried to use my direction of focus to keep me aloft, but I slowly fell again. I decided to just sit back and observe and see what happens. The lights all started to 'pixelate' or flare up into blobs of light. To my left I remember floating past a shop window, and there were kids and teenagers around and it felt festive like Halloween. I was laying back now as I floated and I saw my legs ahead of me, and noticed I was wearing pants again. Then I saw a flash of what appeared to be a motif of many small skeletons on my pants. (Like a halloween costume). I noted to myself that if this dream happened years ago, just this, me floating, I would have thought it was the best dream ever. It began to fade, and I remained relaxed and still, awaiting to see what happened next. I fell into a short non-lucid dream and woke up soon after.
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Re: A Memorable Dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 16 Mar 2014 09:03

Cool LD

I think I saw food stuck in between one of its molars


Interesting that your subconciousness gives DCs you kill blue blood so they dont look gory. If I do anything to them, they look terrible and that makes feel sick.
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