A familiar place that I don't recall

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A familiar place that I don't recall

Postby dreamworld777 » 27 Feb 2014 17:00

I dreamed that I left work and stopped to use a pay phone which was in a phone booth.When I stepped out of the phone booth I was in another city,my childhood city,but I didn't want to be there.
I began trying to find my way back to the town I live in now.I started running fast,looking for a way out of this city but to no avail,I couldn't seem to get out.I entered a small building.I immediately realized that I had been in this place in another dream..although I thought this,I didn't seem to be lucid or have dream control.
This building was just a long hallway.Wooden shiny floors with large windows on both sides.There was huge artwork pictures on both sides of the walls in between the windows.I thought "I have been in this building in another dream and when I walk out it will lead me back to home" I could smell the wood,as this long room was wooden walls and floors,it looked almost new,like some type of art museum room of some sort.
I walked straight ahead to the door leading out and was disappointed to see that once I got outside,I was still not in my town.I began running again and fell on the ground.A girl was beside me and told me to get up and she said something else but for the life of me I can't remember.It seemed to bother me though.I began to feel frustrated and ready to cry because I couldn't get home.I then woke up...

This seems to be a constant dream theme for me...somehow being in places that I don't want to be and running endlessly trying to find my way home..I never seem to though.I always wake up and have this disappointed feeling and it takes about an hour to shake that feeling off.I can't tell you how many times I have had this same type of dream..always lost away from home and always running endlessly,searching for a way out to get back home.It usually always starts the same way,with me leaving my job intending to go home but somehow ending up elsewhere.The whole dream is always me running and lost.
I cannot recall ever dreaming of this place before but in this dream it immediately felt familiar and I knew I had been there in another dream.I can vividly see this place in my mind now although much of the dream is not as clear.I wonder what the significance of this place is....???
What could be the meaning behind this dream or the message..seeing as it repeats so many times,I feel that it is definitely trying to tell me something.Any ideas?

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Re: A familiar place that I don't recall

Postby torakrubik » 28 Feb 2014 02:48

It could be that seeing that place triggered the memory of being there in a dream before, in the same way that you might see something in waking reality and that triggers your memory of an event which you could not recall prior to that event. I wonder what made you remember that place in this dream and not the other?

Or perhaps it was simply the feeling of a false memory.

As to the meaning of your dream, I cannot say as I don't buy into dream interpretation as such. However there are many members here who can give you their interpretation on your dream.
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Re: A familiar place that I don't recall

Postby HAGART » 28 Feb 2014 04:55

I get false memories, false familiarity all the time.

But think about this:
An Edifice is a large building or a construction.
An Edifice can also mean, figuratively, a complex system of beliefs.

I feel that some of my 'dream structures' are my own ideas formed into concrete, tangible places that evoke an emotional feeling. The edifice of our own psyche! :o

I have no answer right now... just think about that and let it stew in your mind the way is has for me!
(For me it's still stewing.....)
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Re: A familiar place that I don't recall

Postby dreamworld777 » 02 Mar 2014 02:13

Thanks Hagart,that is an interesting way to look at it.This place struck me as just a type of place where art was displayed and you would pass through to get from one place to another..or from one building to the next although it was just this one building.
You have definitely given me something to think about.. :)

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