I don't know how to take this dream!

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I don't know how to take this dream!

Postby daynadenise » 06 Mar 2014 20:07

So i'll start by telling you i have recently lost my aunt denise who was a big part of my life.

this morning i had a very vivid dream i never remember my dreams but i can tell you every detail from this one.
So in the dream i was at a show at my uncles house with my mom and other aunt sue and after the show we were walking up the street and i was trailing behind my mom and aunt sue and i all of a sudden hear this voice i look behind me and its my aunt denise. This is where the dream changes from feeling like a normal dream to very vivid and felt real as anything. so my aunt denise takes me to her big black truck and puts me in the back seat. we start driving and drive right past my mom and aunt sue so i asked her why we arent picking them up? and she answers me with a "because this is for you" i then start asking how are you here? how is this even possible and real? and she replied and said "This is a message from the sky" i start crying in the dream and tell her i miss her and i love her and i need her here with me, She then reaches around the drivers seat and grabs my hand and holds it tight. i can feel her dry hands in mine and she says i miss you too sweetie (she always called me sweetie) then i asked her where we were driving to and she said the hospital or hospice (which she died in a hospice) she told me that they needed me there and i have been praying to her lately asking her for help with my college choices she was the only person i respected her opinion from and knew i should trust her decision. and then i woke up gasped for air jumping up out of my bed crying already... it did not feel like a real dream it felt very much real. What do you think it was? was it an OBE did she take me to her heaven to let me know shes okay show me where she is and shes happy? i dont know what to take of this it was so surreal. please give me your honest opinion...thank you :)

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Re: I don't know how to take this dream!

Postby torakrubik » 07 Mar 2014 03:15

This sounds like one of those dreams you get 2 or 3 times a year, with respect to vididness and impact. But I'd say that's all it was - a dream. I'm not religious and I don't believe that the 'conciousness' actually leaves the physical body at all in an OBE so my answer wasn't difficult to come to, I generally take a scientific approach to these experiences :)
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Re: I don't know how to take this dream!

Postby taniaaust1 » 16 Mar 2014 08:27

I think this was just a dream due to the following part "then i asked her where we were driving to and she said the hospital or hospice (which she died in a hospice) she told me that they needed me there and i have been praying to her lately asking her for help with my"

If it was real.. why would she want to take you there? Maybe the fact you wish your aunt made your dream more vivid?

When spirits pass over.. due to my experiences I believe they can come back, they can be confused but by what you describe it sounds like she was acting sure of herself and what she wanted to do etc etc so this makes it quite doubtful that this was other then a dream.

Maybe one day you will have another "dream" which could be in fact real... they do try to reach out to us. My favourite uncle when he tragically died.. he came and visited me over 10 years later, obviously he was out of touch of what was happening to us here while he was "gone", he asked me a couple of questions about various family members.. how they were going etc and we talked about the family.

People say that those who die in tragic deaths such as my uncle who was killed young.. can take a long time to recover from their deaths and can be like they are in a coma or just confused for a long time.. my experience with my uncle makes me believe that is why it took so long before I got a spirit visit). Others who were at terms with their death.. eg those who have cancer and dont just suddenly die, one may see them for real in a dream or rather more OBE sooner.

My grandfather who died from cancer visited both me and my sister on the same night a few days after his death to say goodbye. Her experience with him interestingly was just like my own and we both believe it was no dream. Neither of us have seen him since. Ive only seen two of my family members this lifetime after death too (except an experience with an aunt I had when she died so that would kind of make a third but with her it wasnt someone coming back after) so if this was just a coincidence, it would be a one heck of one.
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