Gamma? Or Alpha/Theta Brainwaves for Lucid Dreams?

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Gamma? Or Alpha/Theta Brainwaves for Lucid Dreams?

Postby jmbtexas4 » 08 Mar 2014 19:50


On this page, Rebecca says Gamma brainwaves have been found to be associated with LD:

And then, on the same page, she recommends the following product:

But the manufacturer says this meditation only produces Alpha and Theta waves (even though they have other products that produce Gamma waves).

So, I'm confused. Can someone please explain this apparent discrepancy to me?


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Re: Gamma? Or Alpha/Theta Brainwaves for Lucid Dreams?

Postby Snaggle » 08 Mar 2014 20:43

The quick answer is that different parts of the brain can be in different Brain wave states at the same time, this is not just true of lucid dreaming either.

People (normally children) who suffer Night Terrors look like they're awake, their eyes are open and seemingly looking at things. Their brains are emitting cominations of Alpha Theta and Delta waves. If one wakes them up they don't remember that they were dreaming.

Buddhist Monks have been tested. They can do Theta waves while awake and some Delta Waves too, can also combine them with more wide awake Brain Wave states like: Gamma; Beta and Alpha Waves.

Normal people usually have only one Brain Wave state active at a time: Gamma is the most active brain wave state that most people only go into in deep thought and judging by some a see some of them are never in Gamma ;) . Beta is normal the awake and thinking Brain Wave State. Alpha Waves happen when people are just watching and imagining. Theta is the state that dreams happen in. Delta is the state ones brain is in only during deep dreamless sleep when ones brain is in it's deepist rest and almost off.

There's a youtube video one can search for showing an expereinced Buddhist meditator showing the control he has over Brain Waves and doing more than one at once and mainly while talking about them.I can do Theta and Delta while awake too, but not while taking about them. I think when you're in Gamma while Lucid Dreaming it makes WILDs more stable, but I lose awareness of brain waves states once lucid dreaming.
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