Witch/BlackCat Dream.

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Witch/BlackCat Dream.

Postby LordSleep » 12 Mar 2014 07:45

So my dream started that i was in high school. I was trying to find the way out, cause all the doors were locked, so i find a cramped dark little door, i go inside and when i start opening up the door lots of spiders came down and next thing you know im outside looking for my car. I make a right and i find my self looking at a weird home, i go inside and find my dad there. So i tell him if hes seen the car keys and he tells me there at the back? So im outside on the porch and flick one light on and on the right i see this lady in all black, black eyes, long fingers, and messed up black hair, and she was pale too, kind of dead just looking at me. I right away knew she was a witch? I don't know how but there was just a feeling to it. Then on the corner of my eye i see a other light which caught my attention turn on from the left and it was at a barn? From there i go to the barn cause the witch has disappeared and i see a black cat running towards me to attack me, it trys jumping on me but i catch it by its neck and slam it towards the ground. From there i start reciting some words that i don't even know and next thing you know i wake up from that dream. I've had a couple dreams about witches, i don't know what they relate to though.

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Re: Witch/BlackCat Dream.

Postby taniaaust1 » 17 Mar 2014 11:27

the witch and the black cat, I think are probably representing exactly the same thing.

The first part of your dream.. locked doors, looking for way out.. I'd think was about feeling trapped over something, feeling stuck in a situation of your life. Think about what in your life you have been wanting to get away from or out of?

Weird home.. something is not right about yourself. A home often represents you or can represent your body. Maybe you havent been feeling like your normal self.

spiders.. could be lots of little issues in your life (if they were little spiders).. another sign of things wrong in your life.

Mess up hair.. another sign of something being wrong.

All the black.. something negative eg something wrong.

Seems thou its something you are prepared to deal with re you getting rid of that black cat and you starting to do the chant (thou we didnt get the outcome of it).
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