Nearly had sex for the first time dream

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Nearly had sex for the first time dream

Postby xena11 » 17 Mar 2014 20:54

It was set in a field that had stalls at nighttime. I was walking down it, with my sister a few metres behind. My parents were well behind us but I never looked at them. I felt strong arms around me suddenly, some guy my age (18), though I didn’t glance at his face. I was excited at being so close to a male stranger.

I didn’t want my sister to see, however, so I hurried down the stalls. He suddenly ran super-fast with me and round the corner. We stopped in a quiet place. I really wanted to get physical with him (though I can’t remember if I wanted French kissing or sex). He still had his hands wrapped round me. He lay down holding me with my back on him.

Holding me tightly, he twisted so he was on top and I was pinned to the grass. He pulled down my trousers and underwear. I was excited and very nervous. For some reason I was wearing a used period pad. He put his penis near me, but then realised I was a virgin (which I am) and was about to finger me. My nerves took over and I told him no. He didn’t want too, but finally he agreed and got off me. I quickly searched to see if my sister had seen me, embarrassed she might have, but I couldn’t see her. I hurriedly pulled my pants and trousers back on.

I rushed back to the stalls and found my sister. She didn’t see the guy with me and said she was sorry it didn’t work out with him (as in getting a boyfriend, not the sex part).

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Re: Nearly had sex for the first time dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 17 Mar 2014 22:57

This dream is likely to have been triggered by your inner desires and curiousity towards sex and shows the nervousness you have towards your first experience.

Night time is a time in which it is harder to see something clearly (so things unknown or unexperienced).. hence could indicate that your lack of experience in the sex dept one could say.

Stalls.. give some privacy so could be related to sex in this way and the privacy of this act.

Fields.. grow things.. a place where learning about things of life or other things can occur... so it makes a lot of symbolism sense that someone may dream of having their first sex experience in that location.

He suddenly ran super-fast with me

The characters in a dream also represent yourself.. he ran super fast with you.. so maybe you are wanting to rush into this (but your dream also showed you are nervous.. and that you will hold yourself back and not be stupid about it even if you do want to expereience it real soon).

The wearing of the used period pad.. that part got my interest as I cant figure out that.. maybe you currently have your period so hence it appeared in your dream from current real life situation.. or maybe your mind associates loss of virginity with blood so hence then it created a used period pad in your pants in this dream by association.. or maybe Im missing something and it was there for another reason.
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