second lucid dream but very very short?

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second lucid dream but very very short?

Postby dreaming » 19 Mar 2014 23:26

i was so shock i had a second lucid dream!

It was like my room combined with a hospital (weird I know) and my mirror was in front of me. I saw myself and one eye was bigger then the other and i felt that was weird. so i turn around and look to the mirror again at my other eye was bigger then the one that i huge. Then i did the same thing on the clock.

I found out i was dreaming! So to try not to make the same mistake i did with my first LD where i got to happy i remain clam and started to rub my hands together. everything look semi- real because I didnt know how to stable the dream more but i was still shock that it work. Beside me was a window and I try to go through it so I closed my eyes and made a diving move towards it and i woke up. dam right? what should i do next time.

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Re: second lucid dream but very very short?

Postby DreamerMan99 » 20 Mar 2014 02:17

Just try to relax more. When I have spontaneous LD's I just sit down and think about what I'll do... Although, DO NOT close your eyes. You will wake up instantly! Good luck :)

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Re: second lucid dream but very very short?

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Mar 2014 11:36

What you did wrong is that you closed your eyes.

When someone closes their eyes they cut off one of their dream senses, cuts off all the dream environment you arent reacting with, which makes it harder to stay in a dream. The more your senses are involved in a dream the better and the more stable you will be as those senses hold you in it.

Even if you dont drop out of the dream from closing eyes.. there is still the risk that one can drop out of the dream on when you reopen your eyes (as if your LD is a light one, it can make your eyelids twitch waking you). So never shut your eyes.

Maybe try going throu that window slowly next time so you dont feel like you need to shut your eyes while diving throu.

Also any fast large movement eg suddenly trying to run, dive etc,when a person isnt stabilised into a dream. ..can cause one to wake up. If the dream is only being "semi-real".. interact with the environment as much as possible but dont go and do anything too shocking (Avoid anything which would cause an adrenaline rush which can wake you up) eg no diving throu windows till you have it more stable. (Also if one is diving fast.. one too can loose a bit of contact with the surroundings eg as they may blurr to the dream sight). I suggest to focus hard on your surroundings, keeping them clear (eg pay attention to smells around you, what you are hearing, look closely at things in your dream, the details etc) and hence trying to intensify things until your dream seems more real.

Lucid dreaming can be quite a learning process!

Staring at your hand can also help to stabilise a dream.. staring at ones hand isnt just good for reality checking!! (its what I used to do every time I needed to stabilise.. I prefer nowdays to just study my environment or call another into my dream now to stabilise me. Bringing another you know and are close to into a dream can be a good stabiliser.

Havie a dream challenge you really want to focus on... can also help strengthen a dream, so know in advance what you may want to try next dream (do not thou stand there thinkin about this while in a dream as that can destabilise one while one is doing the thinking and not focused on the dream surroundings).
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