Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Postby doo » 21 Mar 2014 22:02

So last night in my dream I was in my room looking around and all of a sudden someone appeared in my room. I didn't know who it was at all I guess I seen him somewhere but anyways he started to say he wanted me and started air humping. I don't know but I just pulled out a gun and shot him LOL. :twisted:

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Re: Creeper.

Postby Kman43759 » 21 Mar 2014 22:07

When did you become Lucid?...

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Re: Creeper.

Postby taniaaust1 » 22 Mar 2014 16:18

lol i guess that is one way to deal with creeps.
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