Can anyone give me tips to stay calm

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Can anyone give me tips to stay calm

Postby Gray » 24 Mar 2014 01:18

Hi everyone,
I am very new to lucid dreaming and have been practicing the steps when i am trying to sleep at night. I often can start to picture blurry images or colors when I keep telling myself that i am dreaming while my eyes are closed. I can start to picture trees or outlines of people i may know but i often get very stressed when something like a dark cloud passes through and can not get myself to calm down. My heart rate starts to go up and i begin to panic forcing myself to wake up and open my eyes. What are some tips to help keep myself calm so i can further dive into the dream seeing more vivid images?

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Re: Can anyone give me tips to stay calm

Postby Kirito » 24 Mar 2014 01:24

Are you doing this upon initial sleep? It is very difficult to WILD upon initial sleep. I would recommend trying RCs, mantras, and visualization throughout the day, and visualization during WBTBs throughout the night to increase awareness in dreams. This way you will DILD instead of WILD. WILD is amazing, but as a start it is a bit difficult and it is very difficult to remain calm if you haven't had many lucids before. DEILD is also an easier way. After you get some LDs under your bely I would check out some WILD. If you start with it you are probably just going to lose a bunch of sleep and be too excited to do it.

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Re: Can anyone give me tips to stay calm

Postby Gray » 24 Mar 2014 01:34

thanks that was very helpful

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Re: Can anyone give me tips to stay calm

Postby taniaaust1 » 26 Mar 2014 00:16

I personally wouldnt recommend you to change your current technique at all as it sounds as if you are getting somewhere with it if you are seeing trees and people and that, I see no reason in your case why you should have an issue with a WILD seeing you are getting images already. Some people dont have issues with WILD (Ive heard of newbies doing it the first time, it does thou certainly become difficult if people start thinking that it certainly will be or start believing this).

Your issue doesnt seem to be technique but an issue with is fear and that is what you do need to work on. I personally think its best to work on your fear outside of the dreams as much as you can (otherwise quite possibly if you are regularly stopping what would of ended up being LDs due to it, it could put a subconciousness block onto things eg cause the subconciousness to dislike what you are doing and stop working with you to achieve a WILD. You could get to the point where you are blocking out getting images due to fear.. or just start to create intense scary ones). So I do suggest to work on this outside of altered states.. approach your fear in a rational way.

So what are you really scared of? Shadows as such arent usually scary.. .. why are these shadows scaring you? You need to completely convince yourself that your fear is irrational so it stops appearing in the dream. Think too about how you can deal with shadows in your dream. If fears do appear while inside a dream, you really need to face them (if you cant face them in the dream as I said you need to face your fear and sort it out before doing this stuff. Going into a LD when you know you have a fear that you cant asking for issues... as your fears WILL create things in your dream if you are thinking of them.

Doing another technique if you have undealt with fears you are manifesting in dream state, is very unlikely get rid of fears and this issue. The moment you get a little darkness coming into a LD you are going to panic. There is no other way to get over a fear then to rationalize it and face it. (try doing some deep breathing whenever the fear comes up).

You need to really get the idea into yourself that your dreams can not hurt you and that you will be able to control some things in a LD and that you will be likely to be able to wake yourself up if you do end up in a dream in which there is an actual issue (rather then just seeing a shadow which has done nothing at all to you, you arent even trying to deal with it with just coming out of it). If you dont feel like you can try to face anything scary, LD may not be for you.
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